Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Emergency Part 1

As I woke up on the 26th September (which was the school holidays), suddenly my mind started to think about school. Just then my brain clicked. I realized that I had a book that was due back at the library on the 28th.

Now the bad part of this was that, this book was at a locked up school and on the 27th I was going to Totara Springs Camp for 5 days! How could I get it. Obviously, I didn't know what to do NOW!

As fast as I could, I ran to the study room and went on the computer. 'Click' this was the sound of my computer mouse clicking on the Internet. The website changed from Google to Hotmail. I quickly typed my username and password in. I was shocked at how many mails I had.

"350 mails, Oh my gosh!" that was a lot. I gasped. As quick as I could, my hand clicked on the 'New' button and my hands started to type so fast. I typed a email to Ms Garden to go to school and get my book and give the library book back. I made a few mistakes because I was writing in text language. I immediately corrected it and clicked on the sent button. "I hope I get a reply as soon as possible" I murmured.

Now if you want to know what happened than you'll have to read part 2 if this story, which is coming out soon.
By the way, what would you have done if you a had a problem like this? You can tell me what I should have done, by commenting on this post.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

School is Starting!!

As you may know that, tomorrow school is starting and, I just can't wait because I want to know what we are going to be learning about. It's going to be amazing. I really want to meet my friends.

I hope that whatever out topic is, it is fun to learn about and has a lot if cool things we get to do. I think that our topic will be about creatures and nature.

The cool thing is that I will get a chance to be my friends for 10 weeks, because after that it will be the Summer holidays. Some of my friends might be leaving school. I want to have the best time with my friends in these 10 weeks.

Well now I have to go and get ready for school. See you soon, at school (for friends and teachers).

Friday, October 1, 2010

Totara Springs

Today I came back from Totara Springs. This is a kids camp where the Pt England Riverside Club had gone this year. Only the riversiders were allowed to come. We had so much fun. I am going to be telling you about some of the things that my cabin did over there.

First of all, I would like to tell you about my cabin members. Our cabin number was 7 Girls and there were 11 people. These were Ala, Teresa, Jay'lee, Oshania, Awhina, Chanel, Tyla, Aneisha, Cara, Ashleigh and me. The leaders were Cara and Ashleigh, they were awesome leaders.

The second thing I am going to tell you about is about the fun we had. My cabin played a lot of games. The scariest one was called Jungle Adventure. This game took place at night on Wednesday in the forest, it was so scary. It was dark so you couldn't see much and, so you had to be careful of where you were walking. I didn't really like it because I fell in the mud and it was so scary for me.

Why don't you check out some of my cabin members blog so you know a little bit about why they like camp. I will put up a few videos of me at camp so then you get a better idea of how much fun we had there down at Totara springs. Bye for now.