Monday, June 25, 2012

Replicating Harata Rewiri Tarapata by Charles F. Goldie

This term, the extension year 7 and 8 group have been focusing on a great New Zealand artist called Charles Frederick Goldie. Extension teacher, Mrs Tele'a gave us a project. In this we had to get one of Charles F. Goldies paintings and replicate it using Hyperstudio. This was a tough job but I persevered, did my best and have came up with this piece of art.

Above I have tried to reproduce the painting called Harata Rewiri Tarapata, which is a very ancient painting. The woman in this artwork is the widow of the late Chief Paul Tukane of Orakei. Her tribe was Nga Puhi. 

The official artwork was painted by the great Charles Frederick Goldie. This is an oil on canvas painting and it was painted in 1906. Do you realized that this painting is now 106 years old?   

One thing that really made me think about this painting is of the sitter. I wonder why she looked sad, was it just because she wanted her painting to be like that or maybe there was something about her life which could have been a little depressing. 

I think my image turned out the way I wanted and I’m actually really happy how it did turn out. One of the hardest parts throughout drawing this was the colour. That was because the background had a lot of texture and it was quite hard trying to get colours which were close to the actual one but at the end I endeavoured my best and I’m quite happy about it.

* Pt England Gallery of Fine Arts
If you live in New Zealand, Auckland, why don't you come along to the Point England Art Gallery which is being held in the Hall at Pt England School. Artworks from students all around our school have been put in this gallery. Here are the times you could come and visit:
Tuesday 26th - Thursday 28th = 9 am  -  7 pm
Friday 29th = 8am - 3pm

Friday, June 1, 2012

Comparing and Contrasting

Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso were artists and also lifelong friends. Matisse was on born on December 31, 1896 at Le Cateau-Cambresis, France and Picasso was born on October 25, 1881 at Malaga, Spain. They first met in Paris, where they went on to develop their own style of art. Matisse’s style of work was fauvism whereas Picasso’s was first an impressionistic style but then he became interested in cubism.

Weeping Woman illustrated by Picasso and Woman With a Hat created by Matisse were both oil on canvas paintings AND they were both about woman.  The difference between these two fabulous painting was that Weeping Woman had strong, intense emotions and Woman with a Hat had no emotions at all. In Matisse’s painting, he was experimenting with a different style of painting. Picasso on the other hand was conveying the suffering of war.

Another thing that was similar in both paintings were the bright, vibrant colours. In Weeping  Woman you could clearly see the shading changed from yellow to orange. Woman with a Hat was different. It had very unrealistic colours used (Fauvism).

Weeping Woman had clearly defined lines. They are sharp jagged lines which accentuate the artwork. Matisse’s artwork was way different in this. Many lines were blurred, the colours were mixed and smudgy. He used defined shape.

These two artists were great and both amazing at art. It’s great how they were both life-long friends. These two artworks may still be about woman, sadness and war but at the end of the day they are both amazing artworks.

Kiwi Kick

Wind gusted towards my face as my hair flew side from side. The freezing air attacked my skin and not so long after I had goosebumps. As my teeth chattered “Ahhh, It’s so COLD!”, I huddled and quickly put my jacket on and started jumping. That’s my way of getting warmer.

We were at the courts, sitting down waiting for Mike & Sam to start talking about what we were about to do. I already knew this was Kiwi Kick which is basically where we, Pt England School learn to play rugby but a safer way. Every class is scheduled once a week to be playing with another class. Us, room 20 are with room 22.

Sam told us what we were going to be doing. Which was learning a few techniques. First off, we learnt the drop punt which is basically where we hold the ball with both of our hands, position the ball straight in front of your stomach and drop the ball where your leg will kick the ball slightly and the ball will bounce back to you. Since I ain’t the type of sport type of person, It took me a while to figure out how to ACTUALLY do it properly. Well that’s what I thought?

Not long after Sam blew the whistle, signalling that time was up to practice that previous technique. We get repeating the same process of learning a few techniques. By the end we had only learned 3 skills, which I took pretty long doing.

As kiwi kick came to an end. “Over the next few weeks will be learning more skills and at the end we’ll have a few games of Kiwi Kick. So yeah, could you make two neat lines for your teachers.” Sam said. We headed back to our classes to continue with the rest of the day.