Thursday, April 21, 2011

Having a Happy End (Term 1)

As I woke up in the morning, I groaned knowingly that school had ended. Not that I was not happy but I felt both ways, happy since it was the Easter Holidays and sad because I won’t be making eye contact with my friends.

As soon as I got ready and had my breakfast, I headed towards my laptop. Suddenly my eyes drifted towards my bag, as if there was this strong force forcing me to see something. I went across to my bag and unzipped it. My eyes fell on a envelope which had my name written on it.

I remembered that Toreka had given me that envelope. I wondered what was in it. The previous day, I had seen Toreka on a computer in the ICT suite doing something and if Selena or I even went close to it she would have told us to get away. I ripped it open since I was so curious about it.

“YES” I shouted, I knew it was going to be the thing I expected it to be. I read the letter out and was so excited. You must be wondering what Toreka had given me. Well it was a very cool invite to her birthday plus, we were going to have a sleepover!

I showed the letter to my parents and not long after they gave me an answer. “Please be a yes , please be a yes!” I was repeating one thing over and over in my mind. “Okay” my ears were so eager to hear that one word.

So here I am, waiting to quickly flick a message to Toreka saying that I will be coming. I wonder what it will be like over there. This is soo exciting, after all I will be making eye contact with my friends and having a great time with them. Finally there will be a highlight for my holiday!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Picnic vs Friends

“What are you planning to do over there? Are you going to have a swim?” Selena whispered in my ear. I said no since I had overheard that the water at the reserve was polluted. My friends and I were chattering excitedly due to the muttering that Mr Burt was having with the other teachers. The whole school sat in the hall waiting for a reply from Mr Burt.

Every year the whole school went to the Pt England Reserve to have a picnic. Guess what? Today was the day, 25th of March was the date Mr Burt had chosen for our picnic.

One by one every class went out of the hall and started heading down towards the reserve. I heard a lot of people growing restless and impatient. fifty metres away and then...BANG! The music will start and the picnic will start rocking!

My class, room 20 found a nice tree which provided shelter, to sit under. The view we had was of the water, it was shining in the sun and it was absolutely STUNNING! The glow on the sea was like a shining crystal.

Santy joined my friends and I for the fun that we were having. Toreka managed to get a mat for us to relax on. The wind was blowing hard so it created the mat to form a wave over our heads, as if we were in a tsunami. All this time we were laughing and having a lovely time.

The day had flown as if it was a plane from over our head just vanishing from the sky into the clouds. I’d had an wonderful time relaxing and having fun with my friends. “It has been, one of the best days of my life” Selena murmured into my ear.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Camp Take Charge!

I couldn’t believe it, there had been so many other items and in any time it could have been the respectables turn. I stopped and turned my head to look around. People were cheering for the team that was on the stage. A nerve-wracking moment had come, a big round of applause filled the halls atmosphere. “Now its time for the RESPECTABLEZ!” Mrs Langitupu shouted with enthusiasm, “Is this a dream ?” according to Selena this was a dream, she muttered underneath her breath.

Our year 7 and 8's camp concert was on and it was the 2nd night of camp. You know where we camped? Well we camped on the school grounds. My group had a lot of fun because we did everything carefully and we took charge of our things, you think this might be stink, but we actually had a lot of fun.

When it was our time to dance, everybody started to cheer. The music started to play and the first group of girls started to dance, we performed to the song called “Chain Hang Low” the voices of the throng started to raise. I started feeling scared, anxiety had grown in me. We did our performance and there was a BIG round of applause. I guess a lot of people liked ours.

As soon as everybody was finished, we sat down and the last few performance’s finished. We were turning impatient to know who was going to be the winners of Camp Take Charge. “The Winners of 2011 Camp Take Charge are the.... DRUMROLLS PLEASE” Mrs Langitupu shouted and drumrolls hit the floor!! “The Respectables”. We shouted with happiness inside us, my ears were throbbing.

At the end we all got a handful of lollies, we saved some for the next day. Everybody got sent to their tents since it was night. As I went to my tent I waited silently for my tentmates, they came in thinking that they would get to scare me unfortunately I shouted “Yaay” they were the ones who had the big fright.

I had a terrific time at camp and it was awesome. I just couldn’t believe it, 3 days had passed by so quickly and it was as if it had just been 12 hours! From the senior school camp I learnt to be respectful to my team and all the people who came to Camp.