Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Zealand History

In this movie I have drawn a animation and it is going to show what Maori people did before Captain James Cookcameto New Zealand. I have been working so hard to finish this movie and finally I have got it on my blog. In this movie some of the things that will be happening will be that some men are going to be putting some Kumara into the ground they had just plowed. I hope you enjoy my movie and will show you how people lived before. Thank You

Monday, February 22, 2010

My First Presentation!!

"Oh no!" I felt so nervous. It was 7:45 am on the 22nd of February 2010 and guess what? It was my first ever presentation. My legs were shaking and I was so nervous. Their were 8 presenters and I was the last person to give my speech. These were the presenters Angela, Selena, Ala, Aiden, Toreka, Erene, Seini-Mino (Technician) and me. I had learnt it of by heart but I still got a few mistakes.
In my presentation I was talking about Google Docs which is a application on Google. I really liked it it was a really nice.

I will come back and tell you more but for now I really felt nervous. I am really going to work on speaking loudly because I think lots of people thought that I really needed to speak slowly. Thank you.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Prize Giving Night

"The year 5 podcasting award goes to... Mubasshira and Selena!" Mr Burt announced. I was so excited, I was going to get a prize and also a award! I was at the Pt England Prize Giving which was on Thursday 10th of December 2009. The whole school was there. As I walked the red carpet, inside me I said to myself that I was a lucky person.

As I walked onto the stage to get my prize Mr Burt said to the audience "These 2 kids are very lucky because they have got a Ipod!" I gasped. I was desperate to open it. As soon as I got off the stage Mrs Tele'a was just sitting down there. She gave me a necklace full of chocolates. Yum! We quickly sat down after we gave all of prizes to the teacher.

"The Year 5 people presents an item song" you might already know who said that. That was Mr Burt. All of the year 5 people went on the stage and sang "Tonight's the night lets live it up I got my money..." The name of the song was "I Gotta Feeling". The moves were awesome. The year 5 teachers had made it up. As soon as we got off the stage Mr Burt started to say the year 6 awards and extra things. It took us so long. I couldn't wait to go home...

"Yay!" I had reached home and was all ready to open up my Ipod. COOL!!! I was so happy that day. As soon as I had my Ipod by me I got it and connected it into my laptop and it had started charging. After about an hour it had finished charging, with the help of my sister we looked at the instructions and started putting some songs on to it. I was extremely happy.