Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why Do I Love Doing Podcasts?

Why do I like doing Podcasts? Well some people in my class, say that I like to do many podcasts, because I just want to get the Ipod. Well it isn't like that. I like doing podcasts because I just love reading. Reading is one of my favourite subjects. When I go home from school I read a book. I don't car if it is long or short. I just LOVE reading! If I don't read at home I get really angry. That is why I love reading. If I do get a Ipod I would be happy.

A Library in my Bag!!!

"It is kind of like, your bag is a library!!" said Seini - Mino. Well yes it is because I just love reading books. I like to read books because I can learn from them and I just love reading. Guess what? My bag has 12 reading books in it and 1 Diary, plus a big as 200 Leaf value pad (200 refills). Do you think that is big? Well have a look at this picture and see and please leave a comment if you think that, that is big.

Well I guess, I just love reading. I think everybody should read at least 15-30 minutes a day, so they learn lots of things. I also this that you should read so that you don't forget that reading is important in your life.

Friday, April 23, 2010

"Selina" by Pauline Cartright

Mubasshira and Selena
Podcast by Mubasshira and Selena

The Countdown Begins

Guess what? My birthday is in 3 days. It is on May the 1st. I am really excited and is already planning about what I am going to do on that day. I have a huge list of what I am going to do. My favourite part of the year is this. I just love turning a year older. It is marvelous. I love to celebrate with my family and friends.

When I turned 9 years old my sister from Barbados sent me a shiny blue Mp4 player which looks like an Ipod. Here is a picture of how it looks.
When I turned 10 my sister, once again gave em somthing. Guess what that was. Well that was a Wii. I have played with it all year and I have not got board with it. I wonder what she is going to be giving me this year.

I am going to be giving out little gifts to my friends as well. I just can't wait. I hope I have a mind blowing day and I get lots and lots of presents. Thank You.

Thank You for this lovely image. I just got the one I was looking for.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Active Earth

Guess what we are learning about? Well Pt England School is learning about Volcanoes and about things that are associate to Earth such as Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes and much more. I am mostly looking forward to knowing all the things that relate to Volcanoes such as Magma, Lava, Tectonic Plates, Subduction and much more.

Fun Facts:
1. Do you know New Zealand's biggest volcano? New Zealand's biggest Volcano is Taupo.

2. Do you know where the biggest Volcano is, in the whole universe? In the whole universe te biggest volcano is on Mars.

3. A volcano off coast of Italy, erupts once every 20 minutes! Its known as lighthouse of Mediterranean.

4. Every year 20 to 30 volcanoes erupt.

5. On Hawaii, Mauna Loa is the largest live volcano on Earth! One of the eruption lasted for 1 and 1/2 years.

6. Did you know Volcanoes are named after Vulcan. This is the roman god of fire and metalwork.

7. Mount St. Helens is 4,500 years old - young for a volcano.

8. Tsunami is a Japanese word for wave breaking in the harbour.

9. The worlds newest island appeared near Tonga in 1995.

10. Most of the Earths Volcanoes are under the sea.

11. There are no Volcanoes in Australia.

12. To Keep volcanoes dormant, the Actecs fed them women.

13. The volcanoes on Venus may still be active.

So these were the awesome facts about Volcanoes. I am looking for forward to all the things that I will be learning this term. Thank You.

I would specially like to thank ( ) for this lovely image.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pic-Lit About Beautiful Roses

The beautiful pink rose has a very nice meaning to it,
it is the meaning of love but unfortunately there are rain drops
on the petals which makes them sad. It is like some random person is
crying and begging for help. Help them or the roses will die.

By Mubasshira

What are we Learning about this Term?

Today is the last day of our holidays and tomorrow school is starting! Yes you heard me right tomorrow school is starting. So that means today is 18th April 2010. I am so excited for term 2 and just can't wait for school.

I want to see our class room. I like seeing this because at the end of the term we clean our room and put all the chairs and the tables together. So tomorrow we will be putting it in different places. I wonder where I will be sitting and who will I be sitting with.

I am most excited about this terms topic. I like to know this because I want to know if I will be good enough to talk about the things that are related to it. I also like to know this because on the first day of the term we have a assembly at the beginning of the day and all the teachers have to dress up in things that associate to the topic. So that is why I like to know about the topic.

I can't wait for the upcoming day. I will be putting up another post about tomorrow and what had happened. Have a check at my post and please leave a comment. Thank You.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Skills and Drills!

That was TIRING!!! It is 15th April 2010 and I just got back from Netball Training. It was amazing. This took place at school. None of my friends came except for Tina. We didn't do a lot of stuff but it sure was amazing. I am going to tell you what I did over at school.

When I had reached school I saw Tina. So what we did was, we went to check out if there was Netball Training. We went to the walkway and a while later from a long distance I saw Litia (Mrs Nua's daughter) . She looked like a little ant which was walking up to me. As she sat down her 2 sisters Alosina and Tenei came following her. A while later they went to get the keys so that Litia could get the goalposts. While they were getting the keys a few more people came which was Shontal, Helen, Eta, Mauina and Cruz.

First when we finished putting everything that we needed on the courts we went back to the walkway and there was Mrs Nua. We did a race and just some warm ups. Then finally we went to the courts to do some ball skills.

There was Mrs Nua that was taking a few people, Alosina was doing a few people and Tenei who was doing some people. I was with Tenei 2 times and then the last rotation we did, I was with Alosina. We were rotating every 10-15 minutes. I really liked it. We learned a lot about Netball.

Then lastly we played a game. We were separated into 2 teams. Our opponent had the bibs and as you know we were the non-bibs. In my team it was Shontal,Helen and Eta. So that was 4 including me. Mrs Nua also said that we had to do ten passes before we do a goal and if the ball drops we start the passes again. It was pretty hard because Tina always got the ball. We and our opponents didn't get any goals.

At the end of the game we were all huffing and puffing from all of that running and jumping. My legs were aching. After having a good game I felt like some coffee so after I reached home and washed all that sweat on me and I boiled the water and had a yummy drink. While I drank my coffee I was wondering if I was going to be picked for the team. I hope I get selected.

The End!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

School Is Nearly Starting!!!

School is nearly starting in about 4 days!!! The holidays are coming to an end and I am so anxious for school. These holidays have been passing by really quickly like a like a car whizzing through a unknown street as if a ghost has haunted it. In these awesome holidays I have done many things. I have a very big list of things I have done. I am going to tell you about a few things I have done.

Firstly I would like to tell you about my amazing Easter. I have got a good news about Easter and a bad news. The good news is that I got SO many chocolate eggs which were delicious and the bad news is that I could not eat them all. What I had to do, was I had to share them with my brother and sisters. That wasn't really nice to me.

Secondly I am going to tell you a little about me going to my cousins house and having a stupendous day. Together we did a lot of things but I am going to tell you about only 3 of the things that were most enjoyable. These are the things:
1. My auntie made my most favourite desert and I had lots of it. It was so scrumptious and when I saw it my mouth went watery and I just couldn't resist it.
2. I had brought some maths (Multiplication and Division) cards with me and my 8 year old started saying them and answering them. She didn't have the right answers but she started to learn them.
3. The competition, my cousin and my brother had a challenge in answering the questions of the maths cards first. It was amazing. They didn't know the answers and would scream out loud. It was funny because my brother would make a excuse to go away and then he would go at the back of me and check the answer because the answers were at the back of the cards. He made a excuse like he wanted to get out of class.
So that was the 2nd thing and lastly the third.

The third is an amazing thing. I got a invisible pen!! There is 2 features to it which is a light and a felt that is the colour white. How different it that but the cool thing is that you have to write neatly so you can see what you are then you press the light button which is on the pen and you will be able to see what you are writing.

So that was it for today. I hope I have a wonderful start to next term. Thank You.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Movie Character Day

"Pinch and a Punch for the rest of the month!" I shouted while doing the actions. Today is the 1st of April and tomorrow is EASTER. Yes I said. Guess What? At our school their is a movie character day. It is awesome. I love it. Here is a photo of what my friends and I are wearing at the Movie Mufti Day.