Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Netball Practice with Emma!

It was a Thursday afternoon and our break time had just finished. Room 20 stood in a straight line, all chattering to the person next to them. We reached our destination which was the netball courts and we were greeted by a lady wearing a bright orange coloured jumper. She introduced herself. Her name was Emma and then she told us what she was here for.

We were at the netball courts because from then on, for five weeks we were going to be having netball skills and drills. Our whole class was participating in this activity and it was really exciting.

First of all we started off with our dynamic stretches.These were pretty simple. I thought they were going to be easy since when I saw Emma doing it, they looked so easy but then I realized how fun they were but also at the same time they were very tiring and breath-taking.

At first we were put into teams and told rules of netball. That was weird because we weren’t going to be playing any games at all. Here are some rules that I learnt:
1. You can’t walk with the ball in your hand.
Consequence: The ball gets given to the other team.
2. You have to stand next to the player with the same position from the other team.

I have learnt a lot of things from these netball sessions. I think that netball is a amazing sport and there are many things you need to learn before you play.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Inventor of The Telephone

A few days ago we were given a task by Mrs Nua. Our class had to pick a piece of paper and on that piece of paper would have been written an object/person that we had to research. My group consisted of two other people which was, Ala and Tamara. We had to think of how telephones were used back in the olden days and what people used to interact with others. I have learnt a lot and today I am going to be telling you what I have learnt from the research I did with ‘Telephone’.

Telephones are a of device that are very common nowadays but do you ever wonder how people tried to interact in the ancient times? There were many types of phones that were used in the olden days.

A type of device that people used to interact with was called the the tin can telephone, or 'lover's phone.' It has been known for centuries and it was connected to a taut string or wire, which transmitted sound by mechanical vibrations from one to the other along the wire. The classic example is the children's toy made by connecting the bottoms of two paper cups, metal cans, or plastic bottles with string.

In the late 1880s two inventors Elisha Gray and Alexandra Bell both corresponded to create ‘The Telephone’ transmitting speech electronically. The very first telephone call was in 1915! Looking at a couple of factors on who actually designed ‘The Telephone‘ was created by Antonio Meucci in 1857.

As my group delve deeper to find more information about Alexandra Graham Bell, we found out that he died because of pernicious anemia at age 75. I think that he was a very great person and he had made one of the most amazing inventions in the world.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Amazing Mind Tricks!

The science roadshow is an event that we went to today at 9:30am at Tamaki College. We were all split up into groups of 5 and given a topic we had to focus on. In my group there was Shontal, Seini-Mino, Toreka, Selena and I.

According to me, the most intriguing display was the Vanishing Leprechauns. This was a piece of puzzle that included three pieces and they made a illusion in your mind. There were fifteen leprechauns and were perfectly cut out into two pieces which you could move, when you flipped (slide) them around they created an illusion and there were fourteen leprechauns on those three pieces.

Isn’t that amazing?

I would like to thank this (link) for letting me use this image.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Creativity Task

This term Pt England School is learning about Bigger, Better, Faster Stronger. Team 5 (year 7 and 8) have 5 aspects of this topic which is Innovation, Discovery, Creativity, Practicality, Imagination. Each teacher was given a word and they had to do a task with all the classes in the block.

Miss Tito's class was the class that we went to 3rd. Her aspect of this topic was creativity. As we sat down, she told us the task and we had to finish it in one hour.

Our Task: Use your creativity and design your name. We could use images off google. The image you see above is the one that I have made.

As you see in the image, it is not my full name. It's my nickname. Unfortunately I couldn't do my whole name because it didn't fit on the screen of the Google Drawing.

I hope you liked my design.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

My 12th Birthday!!

It was 11:50pm on a Saturday night and I was wide awake full of anticipation. Some kind of force was trying to say that something exceptional was waiting for me, but I couldn’t remember what. My hands took over my body and they tiredly took my mobile out of my pocket. I glanced at it. I went on the calender to see the date and in no time, there was a smile on my face.

Ten minutes passed so quickly, and then all my family and friends started writing messages to me and sending me texts with those two words. You must be wondering what all these people had been writing to me? “Happy Birthday” were those two amazing words that had been making me feel so special and happy.

I woke up at 9:00am and I had received a lot of messages, I replied to all and had a little break. I worked my day through receiving gifts and, guests coming over. By then it was 4:00pm and I was worn-out and exhausted. I went for a nap and had completely forgotten about my birthday cake.

I woke up at 6:00pm and my oldest sister had told me to look at mobile. I took a look and it had a message. I read “Hurry up and wake up. There is something/someone waiting for you in your cupboard”.

As fast as I could, I ran and she followed me with the camera recording me. I was SO excited, what could it be?? I cautiously opened my cupboard and I didn’t see anything. I was heartbroken then when I turned my head to the right, I was ecstatic. It was as if I was going to faint right there when I saw that one person.

“JUSTIN BIEBER!!!” I shouted and my sisters started laughing really badly. This was the gift that I thought was ‘The Best’, In this gift it included two massive Justin Bieber posters, a magazine, a big book and a cd called “Teen Idol”. I looked at the pile of gifts and placed ‘The Best’ Gift neatly on the side which really stood out from the rest.

I went downstairs and straight on the table I saw my favourite cake which was lighted up with amazing candles. Once again I was given a surprise. Today had been my favourite day of this year. As everybody sang Happy Birthday to me, I made a wish and blew the candles out.

As I cut the amazing delicate cake, my mouth was watering, I just couldn’t resist the scrumptious, Black Forest cake. “Here, have some!!” my sister fed me and as I had a little bit she put the rest on my nose. “Eeeaaaa” I shouted, I had to pay her back for that and I did, by repeating the thing she did to me.

After a long day of good fun, I was tired and obviously exhausted. I dragged myself upstairs with my brother and cousins so they could help me take all my gifts downstairs. We all managed to get the presents down in one go. As I managed to rip through all the gift wrap, I gasped many times due to all the amazing presents that I didn’t even expect.

I wonder how my birthday will be next year, I just can’t wait till I turn 13. There will be many more things I will look forward to next year. I hope this one year passes by real quickly.