Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ala, Selena, Toreka and Me!!

A few days ago Ala, Selena, Toreka and me had a day out at Ala's house. We had so much fun. Unfortunately Angela, Seini-Mino, and Sylvia couldn't make it. We were quite upset of that, because we were planning to have a friends get together!! Even though a few girls couldn't make it doesn't mean we didn't have a cool time, I am going to tell you about a few things we did.

When Ala had called me up, she said that we were going to have a sleepover. I said yes to that. Then she said that Angela, Seini-Mino and Sylvia couldn't make it because they were busy. "Ohhhhh" I said. As soon as I put the phone down, I packed everything and then put it onto the side for the next day.

The day had come and Ala's mum came to pick me up. As soon as Toreka and me got to the house, Selena and Ala started yelling like crazy."YAY" the screaming girls screamed! It was insane.

When we got together we started talking and playing. We got a little bit bored so we went Sylvia Park, from there I got a really cute key necklace, Ala got a t'shirt and Toreka got a headband. By then it was about 7:00, so we decided to go back home.

Then it was a really fun part because we played blindfolds. It was amazing because we played in the dark and it was hilarious because we had to make silly sounds to tease the person that was blindfolded, plus we got to chuck clothes at them. Hahaha.

For dinner, we all got pizzas, then we watched a movie. The name of the movie that, we watched is Vampire Sucks. During the movie, Selena told me that we should be awake the whole night. A few minutes later I saw Selena and Ala asleep. Me and Maraina (Ala's little sister) were awake till 12 am and we watched 2 movies.

Us, friends had such a good time there. Ala was even thinking of doing this once again. I think I have told you enough. I hope I can get on my blog these holidays and write some more. Anyways, Merry Christmas and have a happy holiday. Bye

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ambassador - Google Apps

In 2010 I have been an ambassador for Pt England School. My role has been to talk about my learning to hundreds of visitors who have come to our school from all over the country and around the world.

This video shows you what I had to say about how Google Apps help us learn.

This is the transcript of my presentation:

"Last year we began using Google Apps for Education in our school. This is a bit different from most of the things the others have been talking to you about because a lot of what we do is behind the scenes. We don't share it with the world until it is finished.

Google Apps is often called 'Cloud Computing' because we work on documents and presentations that live somewhere up in the clouds. Or maybe at the Googleplex in California! If I start working on a document at school I can continue working on it at home or anywhere else that I go, as long as the internet is available.

This means that we can write our stories anywhere, we can write podcast scripts anywhere, we can work on homework projects anywhere. And you don't have to have a computer to do this. There are lots of devices that connect to the internet that people can use, even some flash cell phones!

I do lots of work on Google at home as well as at school. My teacher can go on to my Docs and read what I have written as well. She can correct my mistakes by typing in a different colour and make suggestions about what I could do to improve. This means I can work faster and get things finished quicker because next time I go onto my Docs I can see what I need to do next without having to wait until she is free to conference with me. And This means I can learn from her even when I don't see her!

We can also work with a partner or in a group on something if we use Google Docs. Writing podcast scripts is a good example of how two people can work together on a script and we don't need to be in the same place.

When we have completed our work on Google Docs, then it is ready to publish for our audience to share. This might be something for television, a podcast, or something for our blog. Or it might even end up in all those places!

As you can see here up on the screen are the Main reasons why I like using Google docs.

At the moment only some of us have computers at home to work in this way. The Manaiakalani Project is working to give all the students in our area the opportunity to do this. We hope we will soon have fast broadband to all our houses and all our students from Year 5 to 13 will have an internet device of their own. Then we will all be able to continue our learning wherever we are are whenever we want to.
Imagine what we will be able to achieve then! You may need to come back and see...."

NB: These are the graphics which accompanied my presentation on the Keynote Aidan operated

Minister Heatley speaking to us after we gave our presentation.

Minister of Housing, Phil Heatley, was one of the people we presented to this year.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

2010 Reflection

This year (2010) has been very complicated but, in a very entertaining way. Do you want to know how? Well, this is because I had so much fun even though some things were very tricky. I am going to tell you, how things were very complicated for me!

Firstly, I would like to tell you about writing, this is because whenever Miss Garden used to talk about writing, I would need a lot of time to think about what I need to write to make a good text. This is because I wanted my writing to be amazing. Overall I think that I had a lot of fun and a lot of laughter during this subject.

Secondly, I think that one of the subjects, I needed a lot of motivation in was maths. This is because I think that I needed quite a bit of time to think about different strategies. You see, all the other kids in my group would find strategies 5x faster then me. Maths was a really cool subject, because sometimes I even thought that I could have been a very good ‘Mathlete’.

One of the other things I think that were pretty elaborate for me was presenting. This was fun AND tricky because, at times I would have fun thinking that I was going to present to a very honoured person. When the time came to present, it was quite nerve-racking because Mrs Burt had told the presenters to do their best and then we just made a mistake. For presenting I would give it a 10 out of 10.

So these were a bit of the things, that I thought were quite complicating and fun at the same time. I hope I have a awesome year next year and it is better then this one. Then I would have double the fun and double the laughter AND not so much of a challenging time.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

MTV Video

Crystal Clear from KPE TV on Vimeo.

This a movie that my group (Angela, Toreka and I) have made. We made this movie for memories when we were in primary school. We also made this movie because next year we will be in intermediate.

This is a music video of the song called 'Hit me with your Best Shot' by Pat Benatar. I hope you enjoy my movie.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Camp Bentzon Movie Part 1

As you might know that on week 6 all the year 6's went Kawau Island. I have put together a movie here and it is part 1 of 3 parts. This movie shows you things that we did on the first day of camp, when we got there. GUESS WHAT?? I have a surprise for you in this movie!

I really enjoyed making this movie because it was a quick task for me and I only had about 4 hours. I hope you like my movie.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Extension Little Critter Movie

In Extension the year 5's and 6's made a movie.in this movie we were told to choose a athlete which participated in the commonwealth games 2010. They then had to write personal facts and training facts about them. The last thing we had to do was choose a insect that would take over that athlete. The name of my athlete was Alicia Jayne Coutts and she participated in swimming.

Here is a list of programs that I used to make my movie:
Hyperstudio 5
IMovie HD
IMovie 09
So those were all of the softwares, I used to create this movie. I hope you enjoy.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Bug Quiz

I have made a movie about a bug. This movie tells you what my insect is, a fact about it and a question and a answer! It may be short but I still hope you enjoy my movie.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


As I woke up this morning, suddenly I remembered that the Year 6’s had a Maths Exam. I was feeling terribly sick. I had no idea of what to do. “Mum, where is my breakfast?” my mouth shouted. My hands were shivering. As I closed my eyes, I thought of the the good things I could do from my exam e.g like proving myself. Next minute I heard something. What was it? “Oh no” I cried. I mistakenly broke the glass bowl that was in my hand. Briskly I picked everything up and got my bag and headed out the door.

I entered the school, and went directly to my class to get prepared for this terrible trauma.Only 5 minutes before the school bell went. I messed my whole chairbag, as I was going through and looking for my ruler and pencil. 2 MINUTES LEFT. As quick as I could, my hands grabbed
my ruler and pencil. I raced to the hall with a chair and waited outside, so I wouldn’t be late. ‘TTRRIINNGG” the bell rang. My palms were getting all sweaty and my hands were so not in the mood to work.

Mr Jacobson opened up the hall doors and, I was the second one in , quickly I went to the front line and sat down with my papers. I felt calm but nervous, what kind of feeling is that. Now I was so in the mood for this test. My mind went into working zone and I was feeling soo happy. One by one I aced all the questions. They were pretty easy. I was on the last page of the question book. I was just so excited for the marks now.

My body was feeling relieved and delighted. “YAY”. I knew I could shown what I could do. I thought I couldn't have done this. Fortunately I did. Then everybody in the hall was told to leave. When I got out with my friends, we all started to talk about how we did in the exam. I knew I would have been able to go through this little pain.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Emergency Part 2

So after I sent that mail, I started packing my gear for camp. It took me about 2 hours. As I finished packing, I quickly went on my email then saw 2 emails. It was by Ms Garden. "Yaaaay" I shouted.

I quickly clicked to open the the mails and read it in my mind. The time the email was sent was when I was packing. So as fast as I could, I went onto my library account and was shocked (in a good way).

Ms Garden had returned the book. I was going to be so thankful to her. My body was jumping up and down in the study room. As I thought and thought of what I could do to thank my lovely teacher, I forgot I had to do the dishes.
Finally it was time to go to school. Time had passed so quickly and I thought of giving Ms Garden a prize, which was a chocolate. It was quite embarrassing when Ms Garden talked about the emergency on the carpet to the class.

P.S Thanks Ms Garden for saving the day, like a hero!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Emergency Part 1

As I woke up on the 26th September (which was the school holidays), suddenly my mind started to think about school. Just then my brain clicked. I realized that I had a book that was due back at the library on the 28th.

Now the bad part of this was that, this book was at a locked up school and on the 27th I was going to Totara Springs Camp for 5 days! How could I get it. Obviously, I didn't know what to do NOW!

As fast as I could, I ran to the study room and went on the computer. 'Click' this was the sound of my computer mouse clicking on the Internet. The website changed from Google to Hotmail. I quickly typed my username and password in. I was shocked at how many mails I had.

"350 mails, Oh my gosh!" that was a lot. I gasped. As quick as I could, my hand clicked on the 'New' button and my hands started to type so fast. I typed a email to Ms Garden to go to school and get my book and give the library book back. I made a few mistakes because I was writing in text language. I immediately corrected it and clicked on the sent button. "I hope I get a reply as soon as possible" I murmured.

Now if you want to know what happened than you'll have to read part 2 if this story, which is coming out soon.
By the way, what would you have done if you a had a problem like this? You can tell me what I should have done, by commenting on this post.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

School is Starting!!

As you may know that, tomorrow school is starting and, I just can't wait because I want to know what we are going to be learning about. It's going to be amazing. I really want to meet my friends.

I hope that whatever out topic is, it is fun to learn about and has a lot if cool things we get to do. I think that our topic will be about creatures and nature.

The cool thing is that I will get a chance to be my friends for 10 weeks, because after that it will be the Summer holidays. Some of my friends might be leaving school. I want to have the best time with my friends in these 10 weeks.

Well now I have to go and get ready for school. See you soon, at school (for friends and teachers).

Friday, October 1, 2010

Totara Springs

Today I came back from Totara Springs. This is a kids camp where the Pt England Riverside Club had gone this year. Only the riversiders were allowed to come. We had so much fun. I am going to be telling you about some of the things that my cabin did over there.

First of all, I would like to tell you about my cabin members. Our cabin number was 7 Girls and there were 11 people. These were Ala, Teresa, Jay'lee, Oshania, Awhina, Chanel, Tyla, Aneisha, Cara, Ashleigh and me. The leaders were Cara and Ashleigh, they were awesome leaders.

The second thing I am going to tell you about is about the fun we had. My cabin played a lot of games. The scariest one was called Jungle Adventure. This game took place at night on Wednesday in the forest, it was so scary. It was dark so you couldn't see much and, so you had to be careful of where you were walking. I didn't really like it because I fell in the mud and it was so scary for me.

Why don't you check out some of my cabin members blog so you know a little bit about why they like camp. I will put up a few videos of me at camp so then you get a better idea of how much fun we had there down at Totara springs. Bye for now.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Cross Country Narrative

Cross Country Narrative

Strolling into school, I had a very weird feeling that we were going to be doing Cross Country, and a sick feeling came into my tummy. Opening my eyes, I saw the chairs lined up in a row, they were also in order from year 1 to year 6. I cringe. Mr Burt had tricked us. “OHHHH” I groaned. If he had told us that we were going to do Cross Country, I would have got my sick note.

‘BRIINNNGGG’ the bell went at 8:50. Only had 10 minutes to think how to stop myself from racing, and my heart was pounding. I didn’t know what to do. “THINK, THINK, THINK”.

I sat in my age line, which was 11 and waited restlessly for Mr Burt to start talking. I was relieved thinking that it would be going from 5 year olds to 11 year olds unfortunately, I was wrong. 1 minute after I said that, he said “Today it will be different because the 5 year olds and 11 year olds will go together”. He had to say that! I was really nervous from then.

“On your marks, Get set, and GO!!!” As soon as Mr Burt said that his clapper went ‘BANG”! I was so stressed out. People were spurting pass me and I was so embarrassed because I knew that I would come last, I knew my team Maatatua would be unhappy. It was half way and I tried really hard to tell myself “You can do it”. I was exhausted by then.

There was spongy mud all over the field. It was gross and annoying. I could feel it, it was gluey and disgusting. I just hated it. Everybody was going fast over the mud, but I wasn’t. I wasn’t used to mud. OF COURSE it slowed me down even more!

About 20m away from the finish line, my friend Ala tripped. I was shocked. Her knee was aching. I cheered her up by saying some positive encouragements. She got up and started to run, we ran together.

As I was very close to the finish line, I legged it. It was quite like a marathon, I had never ran like that. I zoomed past 2 people. As I was about 5 metres away from the finish line, I opened up my throttle and whizzed. 2 metres away and I could hear the crowd cheering. Who were they cheering for Me or Ala? “They would never be cheering for me” I said. I heard carefully and I was wrong, they were cheering for me. As I crossed the finish line I felt happy. It felt really good.

I didn’t care that I came 5th, at least people cheered for me, a person that is always last. I was also happy that Ala had came 1st and I had came 5th. ‘THIS WAS GREAT”, 5th is a great position. I just hope in our next race, nothing so bad like people falling down happens again.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thank you Mr Burt!!

A few days ago, I wrote a little letter to Mr Burt if I could do my own little Indian dance, for the FiaFia, and Guess what? He aceepted my request. I was extreamly happy. On my letter, he also put a sticker which said 'Principals Award'. I felt like I had just did something that impressed Mr Burt.

We are already half way through the moves and everybody in my group thinks that they are awesome. By the way, in my little dance there is 5 people, which is, Ala, Seini-Mino, Toreka, Sylvia and me.

I just can't wait for the FiaFia night which is on 23rd September. It is going to be soo exciting. I think I am going to love it. I hope my group and I, have a splendid day. If you live in Auckland, why don't you come and have a look on 23rd September.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Is Mrs Tele'a a Map???

A few days ago Mrs Tele'a and the extension group did a little exercise on different peoples point of view. In this, Mrs Tele'a sat down on a chair and we had to draw her. We have drawn her from the way she looked to us. As you can see, above this paragraph is a picture that I have put together. I have asked a few people for their image they have drawn and I have put them together.

In the picture that I have drawn , I think I distorted it. I think that when I draw, I should put it in the right proportions and scale it properly. I also think that I should concentrate on the view a little more. Focusing is a very important thing while you are drawing something.

This little exercise was kind of like drawing a map because we have to know how people in the oldern days had drawn their maps. We need to know that this wasn't a easy job for them as well because they had to draw it accurate.

I would like to thank Makerita, Crusader, Erene, Cruz and Angela for letting me use their images. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Really Cute Baby!!

On the 17th July 2010 my auntie had a baby and, guess what? It is a baby boy. His name is Ahmed. I wanted her to have a girl but, unfortunately it was a boy. I really wanted to be a girl because I think that boys are VERY naughty and girls are pretty bad sometimes but, they are awesome.

Everyday I play with the Ahmed, he is so cute! Whenever my auntie come to my house I would be the first one to hold him. If somebody takes over for more than 1 hour I would insist and take him for at least 30 minutes.

I just hope that when he grows up he will be well educated, a expert in a lot of things and is a very good boy!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Today was our last day for our extesnion project. We only had 3 days to do it, the pressure was on and I can't believe it. I have just finished. Here is the movie that I have made. By the way, in this movie, what we had to do is get a book (on the topic we are learning about) and get 5 facts out of that book. (My book was about explorers). Out of those facts 4 have to be graphics and 1 of the facts have to be a animation. I was sooo depressed because I had a book that wasn't quite what I wanted, but then, I have found out that the book I had got was pretty amazing to do some information on.

From this amazing project I have done, I think that these type of things have been an amazing experiment. I just can't wait for our next project.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Back to School!!

On 1st of July, as room 17 sat in the hall as usual for the beginning of Term 3. Everybody was dressed up into ancient clothes. Guess what we are learning about. Well, for this term we are going to be learning things about Mighty Mariners. This subject associates with things that we kind of did in Term 1. In this we learned about Captain James Cook and about his voyage from England to Aotearoa and, the Treaty of Waitangi. We learnt a quite a lot of things. Today I am going to tell you what my favourite part of the amazing Immersion Assembly.

First of all I am going to tell you about the Mariner Mr Burt. He told us about his very big exploration around the world. He told us nearly everything that he did. Guess what? Mr Burt also had to sleep on the ground. That was pretty funny.

Next I am going to tell you about the Team 4 performance. In this presentation , there were 5 people, this is, Ms King, Ms Squires, Miss Va'afusuanga, Miss Garden and Mr Barks. There little concert was so cool. It was amazing, but not the best for me (I would give them a 8 out of 10).

Now I am going to tell you about Jessica Watson (Miss Tito). She was the 2nd best because she made me laugh SO much, and I just loved that (I just love it when people make me laugh). Even though it was only 1 person that was acting, It was amazing. For this little concert I would give 9 1/2.

Finally, I am going to tell you about my favourite performance. This was team 2, which was Miss She and Miss Burne. Miss She was a pirate on Captain James Cooks ship. Miss Burne was James Cook. The thing that made this little act was how the actors and actresses spoke. 10 for this act.

I just can't wait till term 4 because, I just love watching teachers dress in costumes and be actors and actresses.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010



Weasels are a segment of the mammal family. These magnificent creatures give birth to live young , just like humans. In the first few weeks of their lives they, are fed with their mothers milk.

Weasels are members of the Carnivore ( RED Meat-eating ) family. These species hunt and kill their prey for surviving. Sharp teeth and claws help rip and chew meat. They use their back teeth to slice and dice the flesh of prey.
Their teeth are also good for chewing bones.

To the weasels, smell is very important. Most of them hunt in the territory (Area). People know this because some species rub their bodies against a tree trump or a fence, but some of the things they do are gross: for example they reduce a smelly substance that they leave on the ground.

Thank you ( http://www.whatdotheyeat.info/wp-content/uploads/what-do-weasels-eat.jpg ) for this amazing picture

Polynesians to NZ

Polynesians were the first people to populate New Zealand over 1000 years ago.
These people came by canoe from East Polynesia. Their canoes that they brought to
Aotearoa were made from Wooden Planks. Some of these wooden waka had an
outrigger or it wad double hulled.

In the canoes these were trained Navigators who steered the bout in the right direction
1. The stars at night.
2. The swells in the sea.
They also kept a lookout for signs that land was near, for example, they looked for
birds that were feeding in the sea. Not all of these brave sailors made it to
New Zealand.

Thank you ( http://www.timedesign.de/ship/liki_tiki.jpg ) for letting me use this
amazing photo which, helped me a lot.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Count Down Begins

Guess what day it is today? Well the date is 10th July 2010 and school starts on the 19th July. There is only 10 days left! (including this amazing day). Anyways, I am going to be telling you what I have done so far in the holidays and, what I really am looking forward to term 3.

First I am going to tell you a little bit about my first five days of these day off schools. For the first few days it was really quiet in the house until, I thought of going out for shopping. My sisters and I really liked this idea, so for 4 days in a row we went shopping (I had got a lot of things).

Then after a few days I was stuffed up in my room again, so I decided to watch a few movies. I watched all the Harry Potter movies AGAIN. They were cool to watch because it had been a very long time since I had watched any of them. So I really liked this experiment.

Finally I am going to be telling you what I really am looking forward to. I really think that next term I will be able to achieve higher than I got last term. I also can't wait for out new student teacher, I think he is going to be amazing.

Now I am not bored at all because I have been blogging lately and, if I start blogging my mind gets into it and I have a splendid time doing all this for my viewers. I am really happy that I have got a chance to get blogging.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Google Apps Presentation

Today I am going to be telling you my presentation that I do when visitors come to visit our school. This is another part to my P.E.S Tour. If you would want to look at my P.E.S Tour, then just click on the highlighted word (P.E.S Tour).

My Presentation:

Last year we began using Google Apps for Education in our school. This is a bit different from most of the things the others have been talking to you about because a lot of what we do is behind the scenes. We don't share it with the world until it is finished.

Google Apps is often called 'Cloud Computing' because we work on documents and presentations that live somewhere up in the clouds. Or maybe at the Googleplex in California! If I start working on a document at school I can continue working on it at home or anywhere else that I go, as long as the internet is available.

This means that we can write our stories anywhere, we can write podcast scripts anywhere, we can work on homework projects anywhere. And you don't have to have a computer to do this. There are lots of devices that connect to the internet that people can use, even some flash cell phones!

I do lots of work on Google at home as well as at school. My teacher can go on to my Docs and read what I have written as well. She can correct my mistakes by typing in a different colour and make suggestions about what I could do to improve. This means I can work faster and get things finished quicker because next time I go onto my Docs I can see what I need to do next without having to wait until she is free to conference with me and
this means I can learn from her even when I don't see her!

We can also work with a partner or in a group on something if we use Google Docs. Writing podcast scripts is a good example of how two people can work together on a script and we don't need to be in the same place.

When we have completed our work on Google Docs, then it is ready to publish for our audience to share. This might be something for television, a podcast, or something for our blog. Or it might even end up in all those places!

The main reasons I like using Google Apps is because:
  • I can continue my work at home
  • I can correct my mistakes easily
  • I think that the teacher can help me more
  • I can work faster and finish things off quicker
  • When work is finished I can publish it for the whole world to see.

At the moment only some of us have computers at home to work in this way. The Manaiakalani Project is working to give all the students in our area the opportunity to do this. We hope we will soon have fast broadband to all our houses
and all our students from Year 5 to 13 will have an internet device of their own. Then we will all be able to continue our learning wherever we are are whenever we want to.
Imagine what we will be able to achieve then! You may need to come back and see....

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tarawera Movie

The extension group have been making a movie about how the Pink and White terraces were destroyed in an eruption. We all had different parts to this project. My part was when Sophia was taking a group of tourists to see the astonishing Terraces. I hope you like my movie and if you like it, can you please comment. I would be really happy. Hope you ENJOY!!! Thank you.

Friday, June 25, 2010

P.E.S Tour

Have you visited Pt England School? Do you want to? Well today I am going to take you on a virtual tour! It might not be a REAL tour but I still can tell you, all the astonishing and hard working things that this school does.

Pt England School does this very unique thing called PENN (Pt England News Network).In this we tell the school what people have been up to and we also show them a few of how the classes work. Every day a class is timetabled to be on news, they have to work really hard to create a movie for this, and we watch it EVERYDAY!

Mrs Tele'a who edits this show everyday, has a small group of year year 7 students who produce this show. She also has a small camera crew who film this event. Then there is a larger group of people of year 5 and 6 students who are the news presenters. Here is a little video of how the news is created.

In Pt England school the classes all have blogs! Do you have one? All of our year 5/6 and 7 students have their own blog! They use their blog to tell the world what they have been up to. I am 1 of the students who love to blog (Writing is one of my favourite subjects).

I think I have told you enough of Pt England! If you really want to know more, why don't you come and visit our school. Our School loves visitors, we treat them with respect and honour.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Active Earth

Today I am going to show you my animation that I have made about Our Earth. It includes quite a bit of information of volcanoes. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Extension Reflection

On the 29th of May 2010, which is a Saturday, Rock Our World came to an end. In case you don't know what Rock Our World (ROW) is, let me tell you. Rock Our World is this global competition. The name of our ROW this term was Walk Our World (WOW). In this we collaborate with people over the world and make connections. This year we have talked to one of the head shoe designers, his name is D'Wayne Edwards. Here is a little reflection on how I did.

What did I do well?
I think I have helped a lot on group things, such as:
Making a shoe in a group.
Making up the story and helping my group in difficult times.

2. How could I have improved on what I did?
I think I would have improved by doing things such as:
Helping my group in making ideas.
Helping the group Making the movie

Brick Wall

3. How did the Brick Wall interrupt you in your work?
The brick wall interrupted me by:
Talking mostly.
Not group working.


4. What is the purpose behind ROW?
1. Collaborating with the world
2. Respecting cultures
3.Making Connections with the world
4.Having Great opportunities to talk to people around the world.
5.Respecting and knowing different people.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Lovely Teacher, Ms Garden

I am dedicating this Acrostic poem to my lovely teacher Ms Garden.

Memorable, I will never forget this teacher in my life because she has taught me so much.
She's a super star.

Exciting (Is Creative)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Music of Dolphins - a podcast

Mubasshira and Toreka
"The Music of Dolphins" by Karen Hesse is podcast by Mubasshira and Toreka from Room 17.
The novel we have chosen to read is about a 'wild girl' , Mila, who is discovered swimming with the dolphins, and the story of people's attempts to make her truly human. 
You can read this book online here.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Extension Group Reflection

I think that the next movie that I do with a group will be much better at delivering the right message. The movie that we made could have been more interesting. Our voiceovers could have been more expressive. The slogan wasn't catchy.

If we get the opportunity to improve our ad we will try the things we've mentioned above. I also think that if we have more time we will be able to finish more quickly with all these things covered. I am really looking forward to our next movie and seeing how we have done. Thank You

Monday, May 3, 2010

I am 11 Years Old!!!

2 days ago was my Birthday. This was the May 1st. I was really excited. Today I am going to tell you all of the things that I did with my Family.

When It was 12 o'clock AM, right on the dot my sister said Happy Birthday ( I sleep late on weekends , I sleep around 3-4). It was amazing. I had forgot that it was 12 and I was turning 10! I said "Thank you" and then went on the computer and went on all the things like Birthday Alarm and I had so many emails from my friends. I also went to my email and had sooo Many!!!1. I just loved reading all my mails. One of my favourite emails was from my sister Moonisah). She said:
Happy Birthday to you,
your a hundred and two,
You act like a Monkey,
and you are one two.
I Laughed.

When I woke up on the morning my whole family said Happy Birthday, even my sisters friends that know me. I had a great day. I had also been given 50 dollars from my mum. I spent 20 dollars and saved the rest. I wish next year I have another great birthday like I did this year.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why Do I Love Doing Podcasts?

Why do I like doing Podcasts? Well some people in my class, say that I like to do many podcasts, because I just want to get the Ipod. Well it isn't like that. I like doing podcasts because I just love reading. Reading is one of my favourite subjects. When I go home from school I read a book. I don't car if it is long or short. I just LOVE reading! If I don't read at home I get really angry. That is why I love reading. If I do get a Ipod I would be happy.

A Library in my Bag!!!

"It is kind of like, your bag is a library!!" said Seini - Mino. Well yes it is because I just love reading books. I like to read books because I can learn from them and I just love reading. Guess what? My bag has 12 reading books in it and 1 Diary, plus a big as 200 Leaf value pad (200 refills). Do you think that is big? Well have a look at this picture and see and please leave a comment if you think that, that is big.

Well I guess, I just love reading. I think everybody should read at least 15-30 minutes a day, so they learn lots of things. I also this that you should read so that you don't forget that reading is important in your life.

Friday, April 23, 2010

"Selina" by Pauline Cartright

Mubasshira and Selena
Podcast by Mubasshira and Selena

The Countdown Begins

Guess what? My birthday is in 3 days. It is on May the 1st. I am really excited and is already planning about what I am going to do on that day. I have a huge list of what I am going to do. My favourite part of the year is this. I just love turning a year older. It is marvelous. I love to celebrate with my family and friends.

When I turned 9 years old my sister from Barbados sent me a shiny blue Mp4 player which looks like an Ipod. Here is a picture of how it looks.
When I turned 10 my sister, once again gave em somthing. Guess what that was. Well that was a Wii. I have played with it all year and I have not got board with it. I wonder what she is going to be giving me this year.

I am going to be giving out little gifts to my friends as well. I just can't wait. I hope I have a mind blowing day and I get lots and lots of presents. Thank You.

Thank You for this lovely image. I just got the one I was looking for. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_w4wKx_IXI4w/S9fi5AsIsRI/AAAAAAAAAUs/OzYyeo9ODA0/s1600/MP4+Player.jpg

Monday, April 19, 2010

Active Earth

Guess what we are learning about? Well Pt England School is learning about Volcanoes and about things that are associate to Earth such as Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes and much more. I am mostly looking forward to knowing all the things that relate to Volcanoes such as Magma, Lava, Tectonic Plates, Subduction and much more.

Fun Facts:
1. Do you know New Zealand's biggest volcano? New Zealand's biggest Volcano is Taupo.

2. Do you know where the biggest Volcano is, in the whole universe? In the whole universe te biggest volcano is on Mars.

3. A volcano off coast of Italy, erupts once every 20 minutes! Its known as lighthouse of Mediterranean.

4. Every year 20 to 30 volcanoes erupt.

5. On Hawaii, Mauna Loa is the largest live volcano on Earth! One of the eruption lasted for 1 and 1/2 years.

6. Did you know Volcanoes are named after Vulcan. This is the roman god of fire and metalwork.

7. Mount St. Helens is 4,500 years old - young for a volcano.

8. Tsunami is a Japanese word for wave breaking in the harbour.

9. The worlds newest island appeared near Tonga in 1995.

10. Most of the Earths Volcanoes are under the sea.

11. There are no Volcanoes in Australia.

12. To Keep volcanoes dormant, the Actecs fed them women.

13. The volcanoes on Venus may still be active.

So these were the awesome facts about Volcanoes. I am looking for forward to all the things that I will be learning this term. Thank You.

I would specially like to thank ( http://www.catravelservices.com/management/tours/pictures/Tour-ArenalVolcano.jpg ) for this lovely image.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pic-Lit About Beautiful Roses

The beautiful pink rose has a very nice meaning to it,
it is the meaning of love but unfortunately there are rain drops
on the petals which makes them sad. It is like some random person is
crying and begging for help. Help them or the roses will die.

By Mubasshira

What are we Learning about this Term?

Today is the last day of our holidays and tomorrow school is starting! Yes you heard me right tomorrow school is starting. So that means today is 18th April 2010. I am so excited for term 2 and just can't wait for school.

I want to see our class room. I like seeing this because at the end of the term we clean our room and put all the chairs and the tables together. So tomorrow we will be putting it in different places. I wonder where I will be sitting and who will I be sitting with.

I am most excited about this terms topic. I like to know this because I want to know if I will be good enough to talk about the things that are related to it. I also like to know this because on the first day of the term we have a assembly at the beginning of the day and all the teachers have to dress up in things that associate to the topic. So that is why I like to know about the topic.

I can't wait for the upcoming day. I will be putting up another post about tomorrow and what had happened. Have a check at my post and please leave a comment. Thank You.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Skills and Drills!

That was TIRING!!! It is 15th April 2010 and I just got back from Netball Training. It was amazing. This took place at school. None of my friends came except for Tina. We didn't do a lot of stuff but it sure was amazing. I am going to tell you what I did over at school.

When I had reached school I saw Tina. So what we did was, we went to check out if there was Netball Training. We went to the walkway and a while later from a long distance I saw Litia (Mrs Nua's daughter) . She looked like a little ant which was walking up to me. As she sat down her 2 sisters Alosina and Tenei came following her. A while later they went to get the keys so that Litia could get the goalposts. While they were getting the keys a few more people came which was Shontal, Helen, Eta, Mauina and Cruz.

First when we finished putting everything that we needed on the courts we went back to the walkway and there was Mrs Nua. We did a race and just some warm ups. Then finally we went to the courts to do some ball skills.

There was Mrs Nua that was taking a few people, Alosina was doing a few people and Tenei who was doing some people. I was with Tenei 2 times and then the last rotation we did, I was with Alosina. We were rotating every 10-15 minutes. I really liked it. We learned a lot about Netball.

Then lastly we played a game. We were separated into 2 teams. Our opponent had the bibs and as you know we were the non-bibs. In my team it was Shontal,Helen and Eta. So that was 4 including me. Mrs Nua also said that we had to do ten passes before we do a goal and if the ball drops we start the passes again. It was pretty hard because Tina always got the ball. We and our opponents didn't get any goals.

At the end of the game we were all huffing and puffing from all of that running and jumping. My legs were aching. After having a good game I felt like some coffee so after I reached home and washed all that sweat on me and I boiled the water and had a yummy drink. While I drank my coffee I was wondering if I was going to be picked for the team. I hope I get selected.

The End!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

School Is Nearly Starting!!!

School is nearly starting in about 4 days!!! The holidays are coming to an end and I am so anxious for school. These holidays have been passing by really quickly like a like a car whizzing through a unknown street as if a ghost has haunted it. In these awesome holidays I have done many things. I have a very big list of things I have done. I am going to tell you about a few things I have done.

Firstly I would like to tell you about my amazing Easter. I have got a good news about Easter and a bad news. The good news is that I got SO many chocolate eggs which were delicious and the bad news is that I could not eat them all. What I had to do, was I had to share them with my brother and sisters. That wasn't really nice to me.

Secondly I am going to tell you a little about me going to my cousins house and having a stupendous day. Together we did a lot of things but I am going to tell you about only 3 of the things that were most enjoyable. These are the things:
1. My auntie made my most favourite desert and I had lots of it. It was so scrumptious and when I saw it my mouth went watery and I just couldn't resist it.
2. I had brought some maths (Multiplication and Division) cards with me and my 8 year old started saying them and answering them. She didn't have the right answers but she started to learn them.
3. The competition, my cousin and my brother had a challenge in answering the questions of the maths cards first. It was amazing. They didn't know the answers and would scream out loud. It was funny because my brother would make a excuse to go away and then he would go at the back of me and check the answer because the answers were at the back of the cards. He made a excuse like he wanted to get out of class.
So that was the 2nd thing and lastly the third.

The third is an amazing thing. I got a invisible pen!! There is 2 features to it which is a light and a felt that is the colour white. How different it that but the cool thing is that you have to write neatly so you can see what you are then you press the light button which is on the pen and you will be able to see what you are writing.

So that was it for today. I hope I have a wonderful start to next term. Thank You.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Movie Character Day

"Pinch and a Punch for the rest of the month!" I shouted while doing the actions. Today is the 1st of April and tomorrow is EASTER. Yes I said. Guess What? At our school their is a movie character day. It is awesome. I love it. Here is a photo of what my friends and I are wearing at the Movie Mufti Day.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Netball For Me!

Today I am going to tell you about netball and what it is to me. I love playing netball. This is my first time playing a sport. When I was a year 4 I have always wanted to play it but the problem with me was the fear. I feared that I would make my team lose and not be able to catch the ball. Now I have learnt that you should always give it a go. Even if you are not sure if you are going to get in. Lately I have done a few trials and I have caught the ball many times and I did succeed. I wonder if I will get in. I have waited for so long for this opportunity and finally I have got it. I am really interested and excited in who is in the teams. I am really looking forward to many of the tournaments my team and I will be playing (Only if I get in).

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What have I Done This Year?

This term has been a very exhilarated term for me. It is about to end. Today I am going to be telling you about some of the highlights for this awesome term. It has been a very big term for my friends, the extension group, my class and ME! I am going to bee talking about 3 big things that has happened which were most entertaining.

I would like to thank all my teachers and especially our principal Mr Burt. He and the teachers have helped us to learn and have a wonderful term this year. I would also like to thank my supporters which are my friends because they have motivated me to do lots of things just like playing netball. It is my first time to play netball and my friends always help me from doing all sorts of things.

Next is camp. I really liked camp. It is amazing how we only needed to pay $70. Normally the charge would have been $200 altogether. We had a really fun time at camp. For that I would like to say a thank you to all the people who have cooked our food. It was awesome and delicious. If those people had not helped us we would have not had a successful camp. My best thing at camp was camp cooking. I really liked those dampers (bread) we made.

Lastly my best thing in this term was talking to D'Wayne Edwards. It was a pleasure to talk in a webinar. If you don't know who D'Wayne is, well he is the HEAD NIKE SHOE DESIGNER. He told us great things about his life and him. D'Wayne also told us some things that would make a perfect design. For this I have another post. Please have a check if you want to know what he said to us. One of the things I liked best is when he said these three sentences which are:
1: Believe in yourself
2: Find a mentor.
3. Work Hard!

The goals for next term for me is to believe in me and work hard. One of the things I want to do in life is to be a teacher. I really appreciate what our teachers to for us to make us learn. They help us in all sorts of things. I am looking forward to all the things that I am going to be doing next term. Have a wonderful day.

Monday, March 29, 2010

NZ History Event 2

In this movie I have drawn an animation about some Maori people coming and signing the Treaty of Waitangi. Hone Heke signed it first because he thought it will bring peace to them and the Europeans. Thanks to Queen Elizabeth for making a thing called the Treaty. I hope you enjoy my Movie. Thank You.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Me as Rocheal Von Jure The Tiger Expert

Today I am Rocheal Von Jure and I am a very famous Tiger Specialist. Ala the very famous reporter has just began a new show called Animal Planet and Guess WHAT? She called me up and asked me and said if I could be on her very 1st episode for peoples attention. It has been an honour to be on her show. Over here I have a video of me being on her very first show. Please have a look at it. Thank You.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Camp Highlights

"I can't wait, Yes" I screamed to Selena. It was Wednesday 17th of March and we were going to have a great day. You might be wondering why we were like this? Well we were like this because it was the first Camp day of 2010!!! It was amazing. The first thing we were doing was ROCK CLIMBING! I was very happy and joyful. we had teams and I was in the Considerators which was the sixth team and our lovely teacher was Mr Barks.

When we reached the place we quickly got taught what we needed to wear which was the Harnas and that someone needed to be with you at the bottom of the wall. I did one wall that was just blocks. I was really nervous at first but then I got a little comfortable. I had got half way but suddenly something happened to me, my hands were slipping off. I told Mr Nua who was one of the drivers that took us to the places. Once I got off I didn't really have another chance to go on because it was time to leave.

After we did Skate land we went 10 pin bowling. That was one of my favourite one. I really liked it. Each player got to play. In one lane was 5 people but in the last lane there was 1 extra person. I had got 4 spares and 1 strike. I was extremely happy. We nearly won because the winners were the group with 6 people. I was quite sad but I didn’t really care because at least my group came 2nd. We only got 1 game each. After a while it was time to go. I said to Selena that we should have had 2 games. I was so happy.

After 5 minutes we reached back to school. Me and Selena ran off to the courts to see what the other teams were doing. But as we reached there nobody was there so we sat down and started talking about the highlights about the day. We were also talking about the things we were looking forward too. My best part of Camp was Rock Climbing. I told Selena about the thing I was lookin forward to which was Camp Cooking. I love making the damper (bread) and eating it. I can’t wait for the next camp. We are going to have great fun.