Tuesday, March 17, 2009

School Picnic

Thrinnggg!!! went the bell.It was a Friday and room 15 had to line up with our bags and go to the hall at 9:50. Our whole school was going to have a picnic at the Pt England Reserve.We went walking to the Reserve.

Mr Burt told us where we could not go and the rules and we head off to our trees.

I did not do anything. Some people were relaxing . People were sleeping, chilling, excited, tired from walking.Ms Squires daughter was sleeping because she was tired.


People were playing rugby ,they were playing like it was a tournament. Room 15 people were playing as well .I think they were playing rugby for the whole time.

People from room 15 were picking up crabs. "Detestable eh".I would never look for crabs.

Subsequently I was so bored I did not know what to do because I  was sick I had a book with me and my homework so I did my homework and went on reading my book.I was getting even more bored and it is only the middle of lunchtime I had my lunch and Ms Squires saw me and said "Would you like video the room 15 people singing" I said "Yes please" 

So Ms Squires an I went over where people were singing. I videoed Lepa, Erene, and Jarna.
Afterwards we had to go back to school we packed up and went back to school. 

I felt really happy and exited. I really liked it. I wish we go  to the reserve again.   

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Google Earth

On Wednesday 12th March 2009 the extension class had to go on google earth. The Extension class  were going to make a movie going to one place to another. But that day we only had to look around and see it so then the next day we can make an actual movie.

We got to work and started to look around and see how to make an movie. We were so exited. People were laughing and talking to the person next to them in the ICT lab. We were talking so loud. 
To be Continued...

Inorganic Rubbish Poem

This Is My Inorganic Rubbish Poem. This is an Acrostic poem
This first bit is about the rubbish.

Iron rusty and sharp
Not so new barney doll with rips
Old glass pieces like triangle`s that is sharp
Rotten old food scraps
Gigantic Garbage
A beautiful doll yesterday today scruffy and shabby
Nursery rhyme book next to and old computer
I see yucky old cloths
Creepy and covered by insects.

This second bit is about the rubbish truck.

Roars from the rubbish truck monster as it munches up the rubbish
Unruly truck like a lioness
Black old paint buckets old and scrappy
Busted now , getting crushed
It is sucking and chewing on it
Sacks of skirts ripped inside
Horrible big teeth.

Dirty and mouldy
Alone now
Yesterday`s treasure, today's trash

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Music Session with Mr Jacobson

On the Monday 9th March 2009 we had Mr Jacobson as our extension teacher. He told us "Today we are going to go to garage band and we are going to make a rhythm". We did not have partners. I was really exited.

We got started on making our Rhythm. We had to do 4 Rhythms the first 2 were the ones Mr Jacobson told us to do. But the other 2 were the ones we had to make up .It had to be a beat.
I was making a beat that was good I did not think that my beat was the best because there might be other people that might have a better one then me. I tried my best to make it the best.

Mr Jacobson then told us to (command A) and then go to edit and Join all.
 Then we had to make it 3.00 minutes long.
We had to copy and paste it millions of times. 

Subsequently on it was 2:50 so Mr Jacobson said "Okay now save it on the desktop and quit out and then shut down the computer"  We all did what Mr Jacobson said and we had to go and sit down on the floor. We had a little talk about GarageBand and then the bell went so we had to get our bags and go home.

I really wanted to do that again any time after. I was so excited.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yesterdays Extension

Yesterday it was my first day in extension as a year 5. My teacher was Ms Tele`a. We did this survey. We had Partners. My partner was Toreka. In this Survey the extension class had to find out what the extension class liked. We got 1 big sheet of paper to write it on. Toreka wrote the names of the people in the extension class. Toreka and me went to the people and asked them he most common Meal was Burger King and the second meal was K.F.C . All these sayings were making me hungry. Then we did a desert chart. Toreka wrote all the names of the people.As Usual I asked all the people.The most favourite desert was ice-cream sundae.Later on when we had finished Ms Tele'a gave all of the groups a Food Pyramid. On that Food Pyramid we had to make a chart saying what was the thing that most people eat (Healthy Food, Fish and rice or treats) We had to make a place for deserts as well.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Co'operative Challange

Today room 15 went to the hall to have a Cooperative Challenge.In the Challenge we had to get 3 pieces of newspaper and we have to get to the one end of the hall to the other end.We could not get off the Newspaper. So the aim of the game is to get across the hall without touching the floor.

We had teams there were 5 people in my team. Ala , Jane, Joshua, Junior and me. Our team was Contemplating on how to get to the end of the hall.

Ala thought we should first get 3 people on 1 newspaper and 2 on the other.We had 3 pieces of newspaper. So we did what Ala said. After that there was one last paper left at the end so then the person at the end passed it to the person in the front and the person in the front put it down and went on that one .

We kept on doing that until we reached the end of the hall. "We Won" I shouted I was Screaming like we were going to get a trophy. I was so happy. Then Ms Squires saw us and said "You can not have more then 3 pieces of newspaper" We kept on doing it our newspaper riped and then every ones newspaper ripped.

So Ms Squires got some cardboard ,the cardboard did not rip because the cardboard was strong.We finished first again because we had lots of practise.Then I was screaming my head off again.Ms Squires said that "You have to show them the strategy you used" We showed them . Then we and all of the kids did that strategy as well and we had a race. We still won I was shouting "Yay" "Yay" I was laughing. Ms Squires told room 15 "Who liked this strategy more then the other ones you we were doing". All the kids said "Yes" I was so happy My team and I were as happy as a person who had never had trouble in their life.

We went to class and I told myself "I really liked it" That was the best day of my life.
I felt really happy about it.
The End