Saturday, December 19, 2009

Soothing Rainbow Colors

This is one of my latest Pic-Lits. Have a look at it.

Rainbows make a sweet and romantic pattern.
Just like this one which has made a heart.
A heart of colors and is mostly made out of red and blue.
Red because that is the love symbol.
Soothing blended rainbows lead a beautiful heart.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Year 5's Amazing Picnic

"Tringgggg" as the bell went I raced to class. It was a special day for me and all the year 5's. "It's the picnic today, Yaay!" As you all know it was the picnic day and as the bell went all the year 5's had lined up and were waiting anxiously to go to the picnic. We were all going to go down to the reserve. "The weather is looking bad so I think I'll have to change the plan Ms Squires said in a sad mood. "Ohhhhh!!" That was a really bad news for me. I had got shocked.

As soon as the bell went for the end of our interval we quickly lined up and Ms Squires told us the plan. All the excited years 5's are going NOW! Ms Squires said in a mood like it was a thriller film but at the end was a happy mood of Ms Squires. "YES!!!!" Room 15 shouted. I had a blond moment when everyone was screaming and talking to their friends. Firstly we just had played games.

"Thousands of options! soccer, touch, midnight, softball hmm which one should I be in?...." "Ouch" what was that? Oh no that was my tummy hurting. I wasn't able to run. So I just sat in a corner that had luscious trees that was swaying in the wind. A little while later it started to rain. Everyone stopped right away and quickly hurried off to their classes.

"Mmmmh delicious that was the best meal I have had in this year". Cutlery checked, 8 dishes checked. "Oh my gosh how many dishes were their? Who was going to eat all of eat?" I shouted out to my group. "Calm down Mubasshira!!! we're going to eat them and by the way if their is still stuffed left we'll give it to the teachers. Stay calm girl stay calm". Selena said as she gobbled up 2 of my brownies. As she ate it she said "Delicious You should bring some more to school tomorrow if you have some left at home". Their was lots of other things. Ala's Cream puffs, Selena's rice and potato salad with chicken on top, Seini-Mino's Chop Suey, Angela's Piklets and sausages, Toreka's sticky rice, Mmmh that was delicious too and my Brownies and cupcakes. Sticky Rice was awesome, sticky rice with caramel on top. What else could be such a nice treat other than sticky rice. "Munch Munch Munch!" when I gobbled up the sticky rice it was as if I was in a world that had caramel all over. Caramel Trees, caramel rivers, and all sorts of stuff like that. "Cheese" Ms Squires said as she clipped a picture.

As I finished eating all our! group had to finish clean up. "Ohhhhhh". "Can you guys clean everything up all the other tables as well". "Ehh" I groaned to Selena. As we all finished cleaning up our tables were glistening and glinting. Luckily we all finished and went to play before the playing bell was over. "Tringgggg" and the bell was over that minute. "Oh No". It was as if I was never going to get break anytime in my life. I wish we will have another picnic with no rain just happiness and sun.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Celebration Time Come On!!!

Celebration time come on!. It was Saturday 5th December and it was celebration time.We were at school in the afternoon. You might be wondering why were we at school on a Saturday? Well we were at school because we had been celebrating. Celebrating the last day of ROW (Rock Our World ) 11. Not just me who who was celebrating it was the whole Extension class.

"All over and around the world there's a movement wrapped in love, in Looovvvveee". It was our part on screen. Carol Anne was talking to us. First of all Moses did a Mihi ( That is just a introduction ). When it was time for asking the questions and answering back only some people asked it. It was Paulitia, Tanielu, Leoden and Blessing. "Tanielu go on now its your turn" Mrs Tele'a whispered because she didn't want her voice to be heard in the conversation with thousands of people ( exaggerating ). When Tanielu said his answer he also told them that we were going to do a waiata ( Song ). "Takitimu tokomaru hura hupoi..." as we finished singing the waiata. As soon as it was silent in the room Tanielu went up and said "Do you have the beat?".

Well "We've got the beat the mighty row beat it goes ( 1st: Pat your knees twice. 2nd: clap your hands twice. 3rd: click twice. 4th: Clap your hands twice. 5th: Pat your knees once. 6th:Clap once. 7th: click once. 8th: Clap once. 9th: Pat your knees once. 10th: Clap once, high. You have got it!!! ) You do that 2 times.

As we all finished, Carol Anne just said a compliment to us and said bye. When everything was packed up we all went into the staffroom and ate some sausages. "Yum" said my friend. "Ice Cream time!!!" said Mrs Burt. "Yaaay" we all shouted. We all had mini choc bars that Mrs Tele'a had got. "Finished" everybody said in a row like we were all having a race in finishing of ice creams.
Mrs Tele'a: Is anyone going to pick you up Mubasshira?
Me: I don't know
Mrs Tele'a: Okay then let me drop you off.
Me: Okay.

"You are so lucky that I dropped you off right at your door step". Mrs Tele'a said to me as I got off the van. I laughed when Mrs Tele'a said that. "Bye" I said to Mrs Tele'a and she left. That was a really fun day for me. I was really happy. I felt like as if that day was the best day of my life. I wish we have another day just like that next year. It was awesome.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stripes are Cooking

Today one of our reading group were cooking. What were they Cooking?!!! They were cooking 2 scrumptious recipes called chocolate balls and chocolate cookies. They were so delicious. Here are 2 poems for the chocolate cookies and the chocolate balls that were so divine.

Chocolate Balls Poem:
So divine, so scrumptious so "Mmmmh". That was the best treat that the stripes had given me. Awesome. The chocolate balls had tasted like chocolate laming tons with coconut on top. As I handed the coconut balls to all the people, I waited patiently for my turn. The Chocolate balls tasted delicious. That was a great treat.

Chocolate Cookie Poem:
Delicious, delightful and lots of words to describe this one. Scrumptious and would be such a nice appetizer for a king and queen. If you saw that awesome treat your moth would get watery. It will titillate you to have it. Our ones were well prepared too. Delicious is the word you would say if you ate it.

So these are the poems. Did you like it? Thank you. Please comment on my post if you liked it.
Thank You