Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Principal, Mr Burt

Today I am going to talk about our Principal, Mr Burt.

Mr Burt is a very kind and responsible Principal because he does anything for us and our school. He always gets visitors for our school. He also shows what people have been doing and sometimes he even comes to our school with visitors and they look at our blogs.

One of the best things I like about Mr Burt is that he teachers us manners. On Fridays he always gives us a korero (Saying) to remember for the next week. One of the korero we have been doing for years is "Use Your W.I.T.S" .
W is walk away if someone is being mean to you.
I is ignore it if people are teasing you.
T is for talk about it sometimes.
S is for seek help sometimes.
The korero for this week (Week 6) was keep it really real because honesty pays off.

So do you have a Principal that is so kind and responsible like our Principal???

My Tenth Pic-Lit

This is my tenth Poem from Pic-Lit.

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Lyrics: You are my friend, you are my world, you are everything in my world and you will always be.

My Ninth Pic-Lit

My ninth Pic-Lit poem. Please have a check.

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The delicate princess sleeps in her bed freely dreaming of her precious dreams. By Mubasshira

My Eighth Pic-Lit

This Pic-Lit I have made is about a person on stage.

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The Lyrics are here:

People are shocked by the beautiful beauty.
They gracefully take photos and the lights
sparkle on the persons face and make
her brighter then she is. By Mubasshira

My Seventh Pic-Lit about Beautiful Roses

This is one of My seventh Pic-Lits. Please have a look.

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The beauty of the roses lovingly let us pluck them off and we make them ours forever. By Mubasshira

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Sixth Pic-Lit

This is my sixth Pic-Lit. This is about flowers. Please comment

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My fifth Pic-Lit about Winter

This is one of my fifth Pic-Lits I have made. Please have a check.

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My Fourth Pic-Lit about People Underwater

This is one of my fourth Pic-Lits. Please comment on it if you like it.

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My Third Pic-Lit about a Smoothie

This is my third Pic-Lit. Please leave a comment and a foorprint

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My Second Pic-Lit

This is My second Pic-Lit... Please comment

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What is a Pic-Lit?

What is Pic-Lit?

Well a Pic-Lit is where you can make a poem with a picture if you go on to this Website there you will find a Pic-Lit that I have made.  This Pic-lit I have made is about a cute dog that is standing and looking at the beautiful clear blue sky.  Please have a look at it.  On this post there on top there will be a picture and if you click on the picture it will take you immediately to the Pic-lit I have made. Please comment on my Pic-lit.

Thank You Mubasshira   

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Story of Cinderella With a Twist In To It

Once upon a time in a far away land there was a 3 level house, There lived a father a beautiful kind mother and a little girl called Cinderella. She was the most prettiest girl in town. Her dad was the most handsome man in town too. Suddenly one day Cinderella and her dad found out that her mum had died by a car accident.

Cinderella felt so sad that she went and cried by her mums graveyard. Not long after her dad had got married to a cruel women that was so self centered and controlling. Then 1 day tragedy struck again because the family found out that the father had died in an earthquake so Cinderella was left with no one that cared for her.

The Cruel Stepmother took away all of Cinderella and gave it to her 2 hideous daughters Anastasia and Rozella. She dressed Cinderella in to clothes that a maid wears. Cinderella wore those clothes day-time and night-time. The 2 ugly stepsisters of Cinderella always tried to beautify themselves but their is no one as beautiful as Cinderella.

One day there was a knock on the door. Cinderella opened the door and there was a letter although she was curious Cinderella didn`t open and see it because she knew she was sure she would get in trouble from her stepmother. So she went upstairs and told Anastasia and Rozella that there was a letter. "From who?" the 2 stepsisters said Cinderella looked up and said "An invitation from the King" Cinderella said as she read. 

The stepsisters ripped open the letter and jabbered to Cinderella "Oh I am going to the ball".   Cinderella jumped in excitment and exclaimed "Well you are going so I can come too".  "But you have to be our BFF" said Rozella smiling as she put her hand on Annastasia "Get OFF! Rozella" said Annastasia getting angry at Rozella. 

Next Morning there was everybody getting changed except Cinderella.  She had to stich everybody's dresses "What do you call that?" growled Rozella as she put some more powder on her face.  "Oh sorry"  said Cinderella "Better be" said Rozella in a mean voice.  So they left without saying anything at Cinderella. 

While they were gone Cinderella went outside to her mother's graveyard. She wept and wept when suddenly there was a fairy in the air Cinderella asked "Who are you?" a voice replied " I am your fairy godmother oh my dear but why are you crying?". "I am crying because I want to go to the ball" Cinderella said in a bellowing voice. "No worries I will make everything okay". So she asked Cinderella to get her a pumpkin and in a hurry she wove her wand at the pumpkin and it turned into a shiny white onion with a door that was for what she was going to go in to the ball. Please get me 6 rats she offered. Cinderella got it from the mice trap that had been put in front of her house. The Fairy Godmother had turned 5 of the rats into horses and she made 1 into a horseman. After a while she looked at everything she thought it was perfect "Now you can leave" said the fairy godmother. "But my clothes" said Cinderella. "Oh how can I forget your clothes" said the fairy godmother and so in a glimpse she wove her wand at her and sweet and demure Cinderella had a frilly and frothy flowing train on her dress. "Now you may leave Cinderella" said the fairy godmother greeting her to the door of the beautiful onion. Before Cinderella left the Fairy godmother had said that she had to be back by midnight because that will be the time the spell will be broken Cinderella had said bye and had left.

When Cinderella entered the ball excitedly there was silence for a minute. The prince had thought in his mind that Cinderella was his princess. He had took her by the hand already and had been dancing with her all night. "TING TING TING" stroke the clock. It was 12am Cinderella had to run without giving any information about her on her way she had forgotten 1 of her glass slippers. She didn`t have time to pick it up so the prince had gone to see but when he had gone Cinderella was already gone from sight. The Prince wanted to find her so he had gone to the king and said "I will go to every house in this town and see who fits this glass slipper" The king had no problem about the prince going to all the houses so he had said "Okay".

So the next day the Prince went to all the houses and but there was no one who was able to fit the glass slipper. There was only 2 more houses to go and Cinderella`s house was first out of the 2 so he went there and the 2 ugly stepsisters tried to put it on but they could not fit it. They were so disappointed that they started to fight. When the 2 ugly stepsisters were fighting Cinderella came down the stairs and said to the prince "Can I try on the slipper please?". The Prince bowed down and put it on and it did fit! The 2 hideous ugly stepsisters were amazed and started to argue. But there arguing did not stop Cinderella from going. The prince took her by the hand and in the car. The prince told Cinderella "Can I just go into the other house and see if anybody in the house fits this glass slipper?" "But you have already found the person you are looking for" said Cinderella. "But..." said the Prince. "Okay" said Cinderella. So while Cinderella sat in the car the prince went to the other house.

In that house there was only 2 people. There was a daughter called Cinderfella and a father. When Cinderfella found out everything about the prince wanting his princess she raced and put the slipper on her and it did fit!!! The prince was amazed as well as confused. So he took her into the car as well. When Cinderella saw the girl sitting next to her she asked "Who are you? and why are you here?" Cinderfella replied "Well I am Cinderfella and I am here because the prince is going to marry me. Well why are you here and what is your name?" asked Cinderfella. When Cinderella found out she was so angry like she felt like fighting with her but she was a very nice girl and replied " Hi my name is Cinderella and I am here because the prince is going to marry me and yeah remember that I am going to be his princess". They fighted by whispering so that the prince will not hear.

When they reached the palace the prince started discussing what will he do with the 2 princess's to the king. He thought that 1 might be lying. So he ordered to the 2 princesses that tomorrow I will come and pick you up and you will have to be ready in your clothes that you wore to the ball and I will see who danced like the one I danced with yesterday. The prince couldn't sleep the whole night. Finally he went to sleep. 

Next morning when Cinderella woke up she saw the clothes that she wore at the ball and when she stood up to open the curtains there was a glimpse of light and there in the air stood the fairy godmother. "Dear quickly wear those clothes and those glass slippers I know everything that happened last night and remember the prince is coming, quickly". Cinderella didn`t have time to speak so she quickly got ready and by the time she was downstairs the prince was already there with Cinderfella waiting. When she went Anastasia and Rozella looked at each other and started to talk bad about Cinderella and they started to cry. The stepmother didn`t say anything and started to comfort them both.

When Cinderella and Cinderfella reached the palace the prince danced with both of them and he noticed that Cinderella was his real princess. Cinderfella got so angry that she shed tears and said to the prince "Well I am sorry I lied to you my dad wanted me to marry you because that was his dream". The Prince said " Well at least you shouldn't of lied to me you just needed to tell me and I am sorry I have my princess that is truthful". So Cinderfella ran to the car and the prince`s driver went to drop her home.

A few minutes later the prince asked the Cinderella if he could marry her. Cinderella said "YES of course" and the Prince replied "Why don`t we get married tomorrow" Cinderella was so happy and had said yes. The prince took her home and said bye. Cinderella told her family what had happened and she even invited them to her wedding. Now this time they got so angry like they were going to lock her up in her room but they didn`t and so the nest morning they persuaded her in a nice way but Cinderella was not going to do what they had said. When all of Cinderella`s family went to the wedding Cinderella was already putting the ring on the prince and before the Prince put the ring on Cinderella the family said "STOP" everybody stoped and looked. Then Rozella said "Hey Cinderella please can you not marry the Prince we`ll let you be our BFF and we will help you with the chores and we will let you have a nice pretty room is that okay with you?" Cinderella felt so pity on them and said "Yes now we all three will be BFF`s". Cinderella slapped the prince and said in a mean way "I will not marry you". The prince started to weep and say "Okay".

And so the Prince married Cinderfella and They lived Happily Ever After.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hansel and Gretels Revenge

You might know the ordinary story of Hansel and Gretel well this one starts when the nasty old witch with failing eyesight is ready to cook Hansel.

When the old wicked witch was going to cook Hansel in a huge big pot where she cooked children, Gretel found the key of the cage where Hansel was kept. As quickly as a rabbit Gretel went to the room and unlocked Hansel and they ran outside and hid behind the fence. When the wicked witch saw that there was no water she called Gretel to get it but Gretel was not there she thought that she might be giving Hansel the food so she went to the stalls and got a huge bucket of water it was very heavy so she had to drag it all the way. When she was coming Hansel and Gretel hid behind the door and when the wicked old nasty witch went inside the 2 children grabbed her and locked her in the cage where Hansel was kept for 2 weeks. They fed her lots and lots of Chocolate and muffins that she started to cry. One day Hansel and Gretel decided that they will take all the gold that the witch had and take it to the dad only not the self centered woman who hates them. So after 2 weeks they took the gold and went back to the dimly lit cottage. 

The father was so happy and exited. Not long after they had a huge mansion and the king (father) had a new wife that was so kind. He also ordered the wicked stepmother to become their servant. They all lived happily ever after except the stepmother

The End

The Three Little Pigs Retold by Mubasshira

Once upon a time there was a mother pig she had 3 little pigs. It was going to be Christmas Eve and they needed to get presents for everybody so they told the mother pig that they will go to the far away piggies mall and they will be going to stay somewhere else. The mother pig was not worried about that because they were also getting so big so she said "Take care" and the 3 little pigs setted of for their journey.

The first pig made a house from straws the second made a house from sticks and the third little pig made a house from bricks. When they were finished making there houses they went inside and made little beds from straws.

At night while the first pig was reading a book called What the 3 Little Piggies liked to buy for Christmas a wolf came along and said "Little pig, little pig let me come in or i`ll huff and i`ll puff and blow your house down" then the pig said " Not by the hair of my chiny chin chin so the wolf huffed and he puffed and he blew the house down and the little pig ran to the second pigs house and slammed the door shut. The second pig was so frightened he didn't have time to talk and said "Is there a wolf!!!" "Yes" said the little pig. "Little pigs little pigs let me come in or i`ll huff and i`ll puff and blow your house down". The 2 little pigs shouted "Not by the hair of my chiny chin chin". So the wolf huffed and he puffed and he blew the house down. The 2 little pigs ran and ran to the third little pigs house and shut the door and put thousands of bricks so that the wolf could not blow it. The third little pig was so confused in a hurry the first little pig said "Well it is the Wolf!!!" The third little pig was so frightened. When the wolf tried to blow the house he didn`t have enough energy left as well as he was so tired. So he left. The three little pigs still thought the wolf was chasing them.

Suddenly they saw a something coming down the chimney and so they thought it was the wolf . They quickly put a big pot of boiling water and put it on fire. When the mysterious thing went into the boiling water they put the lid on it and thought that, that was the end of the wolf. But it was not when they opened to see how it was cooking presents were poping up and socks and candy. All of a sudden they realised that they had killed Santa. "Oh uh" the three little pigs said and when they looked out the windows the reindeer's were looking like they didn`t even know what was happening. After all they did not have a Santa and had to lead a very miserable life.

The End

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Fiordland Earthquake

"Hi Mr Campbell" we were talking to a Geologist that research's scientists. He was going to tell us about the Fiordland Earthquake that happened at the South Island. This happened on July 16th 09. Luckily that there were no people killed by that Earthquake. That Earthquake was 30 seconds long. The name of this earthquake is called Dusky Sound Earthquake.

Earthquakes are so dangerous because they happen so quickly. They do not give warnings e.g (When a Tornado comes or a Volcano is going to erupt they give us warnings before they come.) Well this is a bit different when an earthquake comes people do not know whether they are going to come or not. Mr Campbell told us that in Tangshan, China 1976 there was an earthquake. It was for 15 seconds and 242, 000 people died from that earthquake.

So this earthquake in Fiordland was 7.6 big this is the biggest earthquake after 80 years. This earthquake had also made New Zealand move 30 cm closer to Australia. We were amazed when we heard that. Mr Campbell also told us that the plates had collided and the pacific plate was on top of the Australian plate and it was 30 degrees apart from each other. He said that the epicentre was by the resolution island.

Yesterday we made a Seismometer this is something that tells you how big a earthquake is. In my group it was Toreka, Seini-Mino and me. We had a little mistake doing this because we needed a real Earthquake happening but it was so much fun making it. You might want to look at some of my other posts and in there I will be telling you how to make a seismometer.

At the end Hamish Campbell told us that Joan Wiffen had died, "Ohhhh" we said after he had told us.  Joan Wiffen is a New Zealand Paleontologist she had discovered the first dinosaur fossil in New Zealand.

Thank you Diana-Grace and Hamish Campbell from the Te Papa Museum for letting us talk to you this was a wonderful opportunity to talk to you.  We hope we talk to you again. 

Here are some sights where it will tell you about Joan Wiffen: