Friday, September 28, 2012

Cross Country

As soon as the gates opened up, Ms Squires signalled we could start running. Emilee and I, start jogging. As people rush past us on the sidewalk, we slow down not wanting to cause any accidents. We walk till the other year 7 & 8 finish hovering past us. As they emerge further in sight, Emilee and I start running again.

By the time we were coming back. Emilee and I were already breathless. Though we didn’t give up. We kept on running till we were half way to school. Taking long strides, thinking I’d get to the end was a really stupid thing.

Legs aching, arm’s throbbing, I carry on putting one foot in front of the other. I look up to see how much distance I had left. Surprisingly though I was so close to the gate. “You can do it. Keep on going! there’s only a little bit left” and with that chanting in my mind, I kept running and running to the finish line.  

“Finally!!” I exclaim. It was an amazing feeling to finish this. Head dropped, hands on knees I breath heavily trying to calm down. It’s always hard at the beginning but you eventually get it over and done with.

Cyber Coach

“Would you like to continue and do a hip hop class?” I read in my mind. I press continue. I wait for the first two teams to come to do this activity. Bored, I wait until I hear whispers and small talk heading to the street. I go back into the room and play the cyber coach so everyone can start dancing.

What’s cyber coach? This is a dance game where you learn how to do dance’s in many different styles. These include hip hop, ballet, street dance and many others. Cyber coach is like zumba really.

10 minutes through the game, everyone seemed to have been enjoying themselves. It looks great having everybody enjoying themselves and having fun. These are the moments we should cherish.

Olympics Day

Searching through the sea of multi coloured t-shirts for Mino, the leader of our team. “Everyone get in a line we’re going to sitting volleyball.” she exclaimed. We head quietly to the hall, where the game took place. Mr Jacobson the teacher in charge strode towards us.

This Olympics day Miss Va'afusuaga had organized was going alright but when it came to playing volleyball while sitting seemed rather interesting. Mexico (the country I was in) versed Kenya. We positioned our team and started playing. “MUBBA, HIT IT!” my ears started ringing with voices telling me to do so. I hit it and the ball kept coming and going until one of our opponents team members hit the ball, though fortunately it didn’t go over the net, which made our team win.

Mexico had already did 7 of the activities, handball, volleyball, foursquare, ultimate frisbee, touch and rounders. My favourite till now was the sitting volleyball. We still had one more activity after lunchtime which was 3 legged soccer. This also caught my attention and I really looked forward to this.

Not long after lunch, Mexico was sitting down on the bottom field waiting to do the 3 legged soccer with Ms Squires. We got told that we would all need to get with a person with a similar height and we would have to put a band around one of our partners leg and your leg. It was actually a little tricky to maneuver but me and Serena, who I was with managed pretty well.

Serena and I both worked simultaneously and ACTUALLY got 2 of the goals. There were many players sprawled across on the ground. Soon after, Ms squires announced that we would have to go individually now and put a band around both your legs, this ended up making people hopping all around the field. Me obviously thinking this was super funny started laughing uncontrollably and ended up falling on my butt.

This was actually one amazing day. At the beginning of the day, I thought this was going to be something like athletics, but my guesses were obviously wrong, since these ended up being a few silly games as well. I wish our school would do these kinds of days more often.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Joshua Iosefo at Pt England!

Joshua Iosefo, who was an average New Zealand teenager who did an amazing job expressing polynesians and talking about stereotypes came to our school. If you don’t know already, he wrote an amazing poem which being a prefect he recited it to his school, Mt Roskill Grammar.

This inspiring teenager, opened up minds of many New Zealand kids and young adults. As him and his family came to Pt England today, the year 7 & 8’s welcomed them by doing a mihi, karakia and a waiata. Which he thought was pretty neat.

He said a few words about himself then started to recite his poem to us live. It was an amazing privilege to have him talk to our yr 7 and 8’s. Hopefully his words of wisdom that he has given us today will encourage us in life and also guide us to the right path to achieving our goals.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Social 2012

I glance at the clock. 5:00pm! "Oh My Gosh!" I had only 45 minutes before Selina was going to come pick me up. My clothes were all spread out on the bed, and I still hadn’t done my makeup and hair. Frantically I ran around the room looking for everything I needed. Camera, ticket, clothes, makeup, shoes. Phew! I had everything.

Lesley, who I had met earlier and I walk through the doors after we had given our tickets. As soon as we enter the hall, we are welcomed with craziness, dancing and ear splitting music. “WOW!!” Lesley and I exclaimed. Both of us head of to the dance floor where we were greeted with hugs and people complimenting our dresses and skirt. I had worn a blue mullet skirt, a casual black top, a purple scarf and a leather jacket.

As I was talking to Lesley, I hear a familiar beat that I loved. Right away I knew what song it was, One Direction - What Makes you Beautiful! As soon as the song starts everyone starts screaming my name. They knew I loved One Direction. I wait till my favourite part comes and I start dancing away to the music. A lot of people actually were surprised, they never knew I danced that much.

Soon, when the song finished, Selena who was DJ announced that whoever wants to be in a Dougie comp has to go in the middle and all the others had to get in a circle. It started out with a few people but through the middle of the song a lot of people joined in and did their moves. Nezinli had won the comp since he was the best.  

By the end of the night, I had, had a great time. To be honest, I actually thought that this years social was better then last times because there was more music and because I had actually danced to most of the songs. This is what I would call a memorable moment!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Who hates smoking? I most certainly do. Smoking is something that can cause a lot of health issues. This deadly thing is the leading cause of many types of cancer and illnesses. Here a list of few:
- Lung cancer
- Kidney problems
- Stomach problems
and many other problems associated with a human’s body.

This doesn’t just mean destruct you body from the inside but from the outside, your appearance would be damaged as well.  Here is a list of few things that can be deformed by smoking:
- Yellow teeth
- Yellow fingers
- Smelly breath
- Black toes
and also many other harmful things. You wouldn’t want this to happen to you, would you?

One of the other things that people never tend to keep in mind is how much money they are spending on smokes. Let’s just say if a packet of smoke would cost $14 and you brought a packet everyday, you would be spending $98 a week, $420 a MONTH and around $5040 a YEAR! SHOCKING, right?

From all the information I gathered, I know that even though smoking is deadly, it is also very expensive. For the money though, you could save that up and buy yourself something you want or anything you want. My advice, don’t start.