Thursday, April 30, 2009


This term we are learning about Dino-Might (Dinosaurs). This term it will be a very fun term because at the end of the term we will know lots about Dinosaurs. I know lots about Dinosaurs.
I am doing  project on one of the dinosaurs called a Ankylosaurus. well it is a very cool one even Ms Squires (My Teacher) said "That is a very interesting looking dinosaur"

A teeth of a Ankylosaurus is 2cm.I have even found out that it is a plant eater.There is lots of interesting facts by me because I like studying about dinosaurs.

I think by the end of term lots of people from room 15 will know lots about dinosaurs.I can`t wait till I know how many projects on dinosaurs I have done.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Canoeing Acrostic Poem

This is my my Canoeing Acrostic poem 

Craving to have fun
Anxious and fearful with my heart pumping fast
Nervracking my canoe is wiggling and wobbly
Oh no I crashed, bumped and got stuck
"Eh this is hard and difficult"
It`s like eating with a spoon and a knife but it`s paddling
"No I am going to fall!!! but I didn`t 
Going far out North

By Mubasshira

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Camp Aratika

Last week on Wed-Fri year 5 and year 6 went to camp. Our Camp name was Camp Aratika. We camped on the Pt England field. We had to sleep in tents. In my tent it were Seini-Mino, Helen Tuipoloa and me.


Year 5 people and year 6 people were together in groups. There were 6 groups. They were The Responsibles which I was in, Participators, Thinkers, Honest Crew, True Crew and the Care Crew. All the groups had 2 leaders.


Our leaders were Sam and Helen Tuipoloa. Sam and Helen were great leaders. They were not mean to us. Our group had vice captains as well. They were Latu and Omni. Our teacher was Mrs Langitupu.


One of the activities we had was kayaking/canoeing. We had to get changed into our togs because if we fell out of our canoe we would get wet in our clothes. The Responsibles got changed quickly into our swimming togs and went to the reserve. Our teacher was Mr Burt and Mrs Nua for canoeing.Mr Burt told the year 5`s how to manage (Ride) the canoe. It was like a spoon and knife because of the way you had to hold it and turn it. I was very nervous because it was my first time. I had to go, the kayak was wobbly. You had to wear a life jacket to keep safe. We could go swimming as well.

10 Pin Bowling

On Thursday the Responsibles went 10 Pin Bowling. We had to go in different cars. I went with Kaiden's mum. It was great I had never gone 10 Pin Bowling before. I was scared and afraid because I was petrified that I would not be able to pick the ball up. It was gigantic. I was Bowling like it was a tournament. It was very heavy as well. Then we had to go back to school because our game finished.

I felt really happy that I could Bowl. "I will tell my dad to take me again"

I am really happy I am a Year 5 because you do really nice things at camp. "I can not wait until it is the next camp".

The End

Monday, April 6, 2009


On Friday room 15 went swimming. We went at lunch time.We had to walk all the way to the swimming pools then we had to get changed.

I had to get a flutterboard because I did not know how to swim.We had to hop in the freezing cold water. I wished that I could have gone in the spa first. I went to the middle of the pools. It was getting deep.

I did not know how to backstroke so Ms Squires said "I will teach you how to swim" Ms Squires was a great teacher. If I was sinking like a fish without a fin she told me to "Push your tummy up"Ms Squires taught me in 2 days how to do backstroke.

We had a bit of free time so we had to go to the other end and hop out. I was sodden, shaking and drenched.

I got changed in a jiffy. Then we headed off to school.

I told my friend "I was splashing the water like I was so excited".

The End

Thursday, April 2, 2009

R.O.W Reflection

Hi my name is Mubasshira. I am in the extension group. In extension there there is 15 people.In extension our teacher is Mrs Tele`a. In the past at extension we have done a food pyramid. In the food pyramid there is 3 levels. The 3 levels were the food you should eat not many times. The other levels was the food you should eat sometimes and the third section was the one you should eat always like healthy food. In the food pyramid we had discovered in the extension group who liked what. Did they like fatty food or healthy food? Some people liked the healthy food and some people liked the fatty food.

Then later on we had to get in groups of 3. In my group it was Toreka, Seini-Mino and me. We had to pick a restaurant that we would like to do a research on and we had to talk to the manager and find out where the restaurant is from. We had a restaurant called Hansan Vietnamese restaurant. The country it was from was Vietnam and the capital city was Hanoi.We found out the address and the phone number.Then when we found the full address of the restaurant we had to make a tour on google earth, from Auckland to Hanoi.