Friday, October 28, 2011

Favourites of All!!

I love...
Lying peacefully in my cozy, comfortable bed makes me want to go to sleep forever.
Sweet, amazing and intelligent. That’s what I call the best sister ever.
Blue as stunning as the royal rocking blue cars that zoom past every night.  
I love the sound of loud banging music vibrating through my headphones as if they were about to pop any second.
Rose as prickly as it could be, one touch on its prickle and in no time there will be blood smothered over you, but still roses represent love.
And these are my favourites of all.

Exhilarating All Blacks Fans!

My sister spoke into my ear “Hurry up and get ready, we’re going town, and I know you want to come, so don’t say no!”.  It had been minutes since she had said that. As we got to town we met up with some of my sisters friends. Getting there was pretty hard since everything was packed like a colony of bees. You turn to the right and see people dressed up and supporting the All Blacks you turn to the left and see supporters of the France team, there weren’t many. Well to be honest, there were mostly All Black fans, so the France supporters were NOTHING compared to the All Blacks fans.

As the sun set, town got more packed. People started drinking and smoking more and more. Everybody was walking in all directions. There was only about 1 hour left till the Rugby World Cup and everybody started sitting down on the streets to get ready and to watch the RWC.

The game was only 10 minutes away to the start and everybody gathers together to watch it. All the players were shown on screen and everybody started screaming and shouting there heads off. My ears felt like they were about to explode any second. Luckily they didn't.

40 minutes up and the score was 5 - 0 and the leading team was the All Blacks. Everybody stands up, takes a stretch, then sits back down. My ears were going to explode any minute again. The game had started again, and all that cheering started again. Was I going to survive through a heap of that?

The tension started building up. The France team was catching up to the all Blacks and there was a possibility that they could win against New Zealand. “No way, this can’t happen” I repeated in my mind several times. The score was 8 - 7 and still in the leading position was the All Blacks.

People start the countdown until the end of the Final game. As soon as the referee said 80 minutes up, everybody starts screaming and hugging. Throwing bottles of bear on the ground, there was glass smothered over the roads. Richie McCaw proudly held the Webb Ellis Cup for New Zealand and now I’m proud to say  “I’m a All Blacks supporter / fan”.   

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mubasshira Gets Rugby Fever!

Well, you might not now, but Term 3 came to an end and all the students have been enjoying their holidays. This is just a small post to inform you what I really liked about this term.

The thing I liked best about this term is that our topic was about Rugby, in fact not just rugby but actually keeping your eye on the ball. What I thought this meant was to be helpful, not letting anybody in your team down, and trying your best.

One of the other things I really liked was that because of this topic, I have really started liking a few sports. Not exactly playing it but watching it, it has been really fun during the holidays. Before, I didn’t really like watching sports  e.g 10-15 minutes after watching a game I would start getting bored, but now, I enjoy it and I’m proud to say “I’m a All Black’s Fan”

During these holidays, I’ve had a lot of fun watching the RWC (Rugby World Cup), especially supporting the All Blacks.  Yesterday, the All Blacks played Australia which was in the semi-finals 2 and THEY WON!! I’m extremely happy that they have gone to the finals and I hope they win against France on Sunday, October 23.

Anyways, I thought this term was amazing and I hope this following term is better since the year 8’s will also be leaving to college. I hope this next term will be the best of this year.