Thursday, September 17, 2009

There is a Ball at the Pt England Castle (Hall)

On Thursday the 24th of September Week 10 Pt England School is having a ball . This name of the ball is called The Art in Storytelling. It will be in the Pt England Castle!! (Hall) This is about fairy tales. We will have to dress up in Fairy tale characters. From today I will be thinking about who I will be doing because I change my mind a lot. I have an idea of being Tinkerbell's friend, Silvermist . I don't want to be Tinkerbell because Ala (My friend) might be Tinkerbell or she might be Tinkerbells other friend Rosseta.

So Pt Englanders what are you going to be at the Royal Ball?
Thanks to ( for this amazing image o Tinkerbell and her friends.

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