Thursday, February 19, 2009

Language of Success

Hi My name is Mubasshira.This year Room15 is learning about The Language of Success.

This is about Formal and Informal language.Formal language is when you speak to Helen Clark and John Key Like this: "Hello sir/madam can I take a photo of you please" that is when you speak to them with manners.Informal language is when you talk to your friends, brothers and sisters, for example, "Hey bro, what are you doing?.

So this is what we are learning for this year. I will be looking forward at my work and how I will talk to the teachers and my friends.

The End

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Challenge

Last week on Thursday at 11.30 after morning tea room 15 had a great big Challenge at the courts.
Lepa and Matthew got the balls ,cones , and hockey sticks.

Room 15 waited in line for their turn. Room 15 had to wait for ages. We had partners my partner was Destiny. I was going to go first.

Finally it was my turn. I was nervous!!! But I was exited too. My stomach felt like it was going to be left behind at the start. I had to bend over. It was kind of sore . We had to dribble the ball around the cones. At the beginning it was easy but at the end it was kind of difficult because all the cones were stuck closer together. I just went on and finished. My time was 1.20 on all of the times. We had to go 3 times.

It was Destiny`s turn but then she had a stomach ache so Ms Squires said I had to go with Jarna. Her time was 44 seconds. We all went 3 times then we had to go back to class.

When we came to class I said to my friend "I really liked it. It was fun like we had done athletics. We really got some exercise"
The End

Monday, February 9, 2009

Waiwera Pools

On Saturday in the holidays I went to the Waiwera Pools. We went in the car. It was a 1 hour journey. I went with my two sisters, my two cousins, my auntie, my dad and my friend Imrana.

When we reached there we got out our swimming togs from the bags and went to the changing rooms to get changed.

First my friend Imrana, my two cousins and I went into the baby pool that had a frog slide and two fountains. The frog slide is like the frog's mouth. It is open from the back of the mouth where we get in and from the tongue where we get out. That means the tongue is the slide. When we go on to the slide it feels like we are going to fall and it feels like it is going to go so fast but it actually goes really slow. The best part about going on it is falling into the water. It feels really cool going in to it.

Later I went to the movie pools. Over there it is so relaxing and warm and we can see a movie . It had a big projector. We could watch movies. Later on we went on the slides. My sister caught me on the slides but it was like I was doing to drown. I went on it twice because it was really fun and cool. The water was not that deep on me it was up to my chest. It was really fun we played and ate chips and biscuits and went back home at 9.00.

I felt really happy when we went to the Waiwera Pools.
"It really was a nice trip."

The End

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Welcome to Room 15 from Ms Squires

Hi Mubasshira, welcome to Room 15 and your new blog. This is your own place to share your stories, poems and thoughts about different topics. You will be able to also post any podcasts or videos you make and any of your e-learning tasks you complete throughout the year. Don't forget to let all your family know so they can see what you have been up to and can leave you comments.
Happy Blogging!!