Saturday, June 27, 2009

About Me

Hi My name is Mubasshira and I am going to tell you about myself.  I am 9 years old. I go to Pt England school.  I am in room 15.  I am a year 5.  My teacher is Mr Squries.  My favourite things to do is do lots of work.  When I have nothing to do I will always go on the internet and find out lots of information about things we do in class. I love doing my homework.  In my family I have a my dad my mum my 3 sisters and my brother.  We always have little fights in little things. I love my family because they care for me a lot. My best friend is Selena. She also cares for me just like my family does for me.  

The Duffy Show

" Yay there is a Duffy Assembly after interval". I shouted. I really like Duffy as he teached us to read and he takes us on adventures. " I wonder what will his adventure be this time" I said to Selena. The bell went "Triinngg". We went to the hall and sat down to watch the show. There was an enormous book called The Story Snatcher. On the book cover was a beautiful picture of a tower with someone`s hand out of the tower window.
When Duffy began to tell us the story the first thing he said was the rules.
The rules were:
1. You have to sit still on your Gluteux Maximus (bottom).
2. When they gave a signal for being quiet we had to be quiet.
3. When they ask a question we just have to call it out.
So they began.
The story was about a snatcher of books, Master Villain. He was so stupid because he said " I will burn all the books and I will be brainy". Duffy said " Oh hang on how will you get brainy by burning all the books". "Ah well all the knowledge will go into my head". Master Villain said. It all started when one day Duffy went to Aunt Roha`s house and he said " Aunt Aunt can you read me this book?". " Sure Duffy" Aunt Roha replied. She started reading the story to Duffy it was a nice story.
In the show aunt Roha got kidnapped and put in to a dungeon in the villain`s tower. Duffy needed help so he went to a fortune teller her name was T. She did fortune telling in her little tent. When Duffy came she thought it was Master Villain so she acted like a statue. Duffy touched T because he needed help but T did not move so Duffy went away. After searching and searching Duffy finally found Aunt Roha and he also persuaded MV ( Master Villain ) to read. MV got taught reading by T and he got really brainy.
The End

Friday, June 26, 2009

Musuem Trip

"Yay my first trip to the museum" I shouted to said to Selena and Angela. It was Wednesday the 24th June 2009. Room 14, 15, 16 and the extension group had to get some morning tea and put it in to a huge yellow box before we heading off to the bus. In the bus I sat with Angela and Selena. We had so much fun playing I spy and tickling each other.

When we reached there the curator told us to come in. " This is unbelievable this looks like Buckingham Palace ", I exclaimed as I glanced around. We first had a short time in the coastal Natural History section before going to the learning centre. There, we were learning about fossils and theropods by a man called Paul. On the floor was this comfy red mat we had to sit on. Paul knew lots of things about fossils and theropods.

Firstly he showed us a big bored with footprints of theropods on it it. Paul explained that we can find out lots of information about dinosaur`s behavior from their footprints. From the board I found out that theropods put little babies in between the parents when they are walking for their protection ( e.g So the predators don`t attack it).

Paul then said we had to get organised in to 4-6 groups. In my group there was Tule, Latu, Bobbi- Grace, Destiny and me. Our parent was Tule`s mum. Paul gave all the groups a little box with a bag. Each bag had something in it which we had to guess what it was by studying it, and comparing it with other things. My group got a rock that had scales on it. We had to find out what kind of scales they were. We found out that the scales were of prehistoric crocodiles. Paul even had an example of a crocodiles skin we compared it to the rock. He said that when the crocodile died it left a imprint of the skin in the mud that became a fossil.
One group got a tooth of a T. Rex. They studied the tooth and discovered that more than half of the tooth was inside the gum. This is because when the T. Rex bites the meat, the tooth will otherwise fall out. That's why the T. Rex needs the tooth in gum hold it up and keep it strong.
One of the other groups got poo, uh ha poo!! Poo is called coprolite. We laughed when we heard that. Poo is actually very cool to study because you can find out lots of information such as what the dinosaur ate and how it ate. For example did it first chew it all up or whether it just gulped it down.
Later we had a look around at the dinosaur skeletons we also did a little quiz with a partner. I would really like to go to the museum again because it was so cool in the learning centre.
The End

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Very First Podcast

If you want to listen to my very first podcast here you can listen. This podcast I have done is with Sylvia. It is called Grandma McGarvy Paints the Shed. Please leave a comment and please tell me if there is something wrong next time I will do what you have said and I will not make the mistake again. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


On Friday 12th of June 2009 we had Dino-Day. The whole school had groups to go in. The letters of the alphabet were the names of the group it was only up to A-W. It was like a immersion rotation. A immersion rotation is when you go to different places in time to do different activities. There were lots of groups in. I was in the V group. We had to go to different classroom`s. I went to room 10 first. Our teacher was Miss Lavakula. Over there we had a challenge first in that challenge Miss Lavakula gave us a paper on it, it said the numbers up to 20 and we had to get in to groups there was 4 groups. In my group there was 4 people. In that challenge we had to get the piece of paper Miss Lavavkula gave and sit on a table. Miss Lavavkula gave us a little card on it, it had questions about dinosaurs we had to answer them on the piece of paper we got then someone out of our group had to take it over to Miss Lavakula and do the hula hoop 5 times so after we have done the hula hoop 5 times Miss Lavakula will give us another little card we had to do that 20 times until we got to the end and all the answers were right. A little time after we were finished doing the challenge. Next we watched Jurassic Park Part 3 it was fun we got dinosaur lollies and popcorn. It was like we were at the cinemas. When the bell went we were up to the scary part where they are in the big truck and the T. Rex comes I felt a bit scared but it was only a movie it was a nice movie. So after the bell went we had to go back to our own class it. At Interval we only had 30 minutes to play ( as usual ). hen the bell went to go back to a new class we had to go to the hall so they could tell us where we could go next. The V group went to room 15 ( my class ). Over there we made a Dinosaur Diorama. The little kids had to paint the base and made tree`s with flax and the big kids had to paint the dinosaurs and paint the outside of it When we were painting we had to get in groups as well in this we had 4 groups again...

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Morning Poem

This Morning it was freezing cold like I was on a high slope of an icy mountain. I brushed my teeth and put on my uniform. As I got my bag I started munching on a little piece of warm chicken. It made me feel better and warmer. I went to school and saw the grass frosty and cold like I have never seen it before. I was shivering. I thought we had a trip to a cold green and white icy mountain.
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Monday, June 8, 2009

My Best Friend Selena

Hi my name is Mubasshira and I am going to tell you about my best friend Selena. Selena and I have been friends for 5 years this is way to long. She is so caring and loving. Whenever I am sad or if I have got hurt she will always say "Are you alright". To me she is like a sister. I am older than her she is 9 years old and I am 10 years old. Her birthday is on 6th July and my birthday is 1st May. We have been best friends since year 1. We always have little fights for pencils but we always solve it in a happy way. When ever she dosen`t have a pencil or something I will always let her use it and after when I don`t have it I will always find a resolution to it.

So do you have a friend that is so caring and loving like Selena?

Monday, June 1, 2009

How to Make a Healthy Banana Smoothie

Today I will tell you how to make a Banana Smoothie.

How to make a Banana Smoothie:

2 bananas chopped,
1 cup milk,
2 tablespoon sugar.

Blender or a food processor
2 glasses

1. Put the milk, bananas and sugar into a blender or a food processor.

2. When it is well combined it might be ready to drink.

3. Serve it in 2 glasses.

This Smoothie will serve 2.

This is my favourite Smoothie I like this Smoothie for 2 ways because 1. it contains bananas. and 2. it is very healthy.

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