Monday, February 9, 2009

Waiwera Pools

On Saturday in the holidays I went to the Waiwera Pools. We went in the car. It was a 1 hour journey. I went with my two sisters, my two cousins, my auntie, my dad and my friend Imrana.

When we reached there we got out our swimming togs from the bags and went to the changing rooms to get changed.

First my friend Imrana, my two cousins and I went into the baby pool that had a frog slide and two fountains. The frog slide is like the frog's mouth. It is open from the back of the mouth where we get in and from the tongue where we get out. That means the tongue is the slide. When we go on to the slide it feels like we are going to fall and it feels like it is going to go so fast but it actually goes really slow. The best part about going on it is falling into the water. It feels really cool going in to it.

Later I went to the movie pools. Over there it is so relaxing and warm and we can see a movie . It had a big projector. We could watch movies. Later on we went on the slides. My sister caught me on the slides but it was like I was doing to drown. I went on it twice because it was really fun and cool. The water was not that deep on me it was up to my chest. It was really fun we played and ate chips and biscuits and went back home at 9.00.

I felt really happy when we went to the Waiwera Pools.
"It really was a nice trip."

The End


  1. Hi Mubasshira
    I was so pleased to see that you were the first person in Room 15 to begin your blog for 2009. Well done. What a fun day you had at Waiwera. Your whanau sound like they had a great time together.
    I will be looking forward to seeing what else you blog about during the year.
    Mrs Burt

  2. Hello Mrs Burt

    I`m really pleased you came on my blog.
    yes i did have a great time with my whanau.
    Thank you

    Your Sincerely Mubasshira

  3. man about the pool's that's way cool but the slide yuk don't talk about the slide that gives me goosebumbs and I hate it .:) :)

  4. That is so cool that you can watch a movie when you are swimming only if there had that in England.

  5. Hey Mubasshira

    I liked your story.
    What did you like the best at Waiwera pools?

    From Saadiya