Monday, August 10, 2009

Hansel and Gretels Revenge

You might know the ordinary story of Hansel and Gretel well this one starts when the nasty old witch with failing eyesight is ready to cook Hansel.

When the old wicked witch was going to cook Hansel in a huge big pot where she cooked children, Gretel found the key of the cage where Hansel was kept. As quickly as a rabbit Gretel went to the room and unlocked Hansel and they ran outside and hid behind the fence. When the wicked witch saw that there was no water she called Gretel to get it but Gretel was not there she thought that she might be giving Hansel the food so she went to the stalls and got a huge bucket of water it was very heavy so she had to drag it all the way. When she was coming Hansel and Gretel hid behind the door and when the wicked old nasty witch went inside the 2 children grabbed her and locked her in the cage where Hansel was kept for 2 weeks. They fed her lots and lots of Chocolate and muffins that she started to cry. One day Hansel and Gretel decided that they will take all the gold that the witch had and take it to the dad only not the self centered woman who hates them. So after 2 weeks they took the gold and went back to the dimly lit cottage. 

The father was so happy and exited. Not long after they had a huge mansion and the king (father) had a new wife that was so kind. He also ordered the wicked stepmother to become their servant. They all lived happily ever after except the stepmother

The End

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