Monday, August 9, 2010

Is Mrs Tele'a a Map???

A few days ago Mrs Tele'a and the extension group did a little exercise on different peoples point of view. In this, Mrs Tele'a sat down on a chair and we had to draw her. We have drawn her from the way she looked to us. As you can see, above this paragraph is a picture that I have put together. I have asked a few people for their image they have drawn and I have put them together.

In the picture that I have drawn , I think I distorted it. I think that when I draw, I should put it in the right proportions and scale it properly. I also think that I should concentrate on the view a little more. Focusing is a very important thing while you are drawing something.

This little exercise was kind of like drawing a map because we have to know how people in the oldern days had drawn their maps. We need to know that this wasn't a easy job for them as well because they had to draw it accurate.

I would like to thank Makerita, Crusader, Erene, Cruz and Angela for letting me use their images. Thank you.


  1. Kia Ora Mubasshira!
    I, too had lots of fun doing this excersise. It must've been oh so hard drawing a country from scratch. Our teachers picked a great topic. Don't you think?
    Love to hear your reply.

  2. Hi Mubasshira,
    I enjoyed looking at the different drawings of Mrs Tele'a. You guys did a great job.
    A big thank you for presenting to our group last Thursday. I really enjoyed your section on Google docs. I wonder how long it will be before everything we do will be in the 'cloud'?
    Mr Fletcher