Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Cross Country Narrative

Cross Country Narrative

Strolling into school, I had a very weird feeling that we were going to be doing Cross Country, and a sick feeling came into my tummy. Opening my eyes, I saw the chairs lined up in a row, they were also in order from year 1 to year 6. I cringe. Mr Burt had tricked us. “OHHHH” I groaned. If he had told us that we were going to do Cross Country, I would have got my sick note.

‘BRIINNNGGG’ the bell went at 8:50. Only had 10 minutes to think how to stop myself from racing, and my heart was pounding. I didn’t know what to do. “THINK, THINK, THINK”.

I sat in my age line, which was 11 and waited restlessly for Mr Burt to start talking. I was relieved thinking that it would be going from 5 year olds to 11 year olds unfortunately, I was wrong. 1 minute after I said that, he said “Today it will be different because the 5 year olds and 11 year olds will go together”. He had to say that! I was really nervous from then.

“On your marks, Get set, and GO!!!” As soon as Mr Burt said that his clapper went ‘BANG”! I was so stressed out. People were spurting pass me and I was so embarrassed because I knew that I would come last, I knew my team Maatatua would be unhappy. It was half way and I tried really hard to tell myself “You can do it”. I was exhausted by then.

There was spongy mud all over the field. It was gross and annoying. I could feel it, it was gluey and disgusting. I just hated it. Everybody was going fast over the mud, but I wasn’t. I wasn’t used to mud. OF COURSE it slowed me down even more!

About 20m away from the finish line, my friend Ala tripped. I was shocked. Her knee was aching. I cheered her up by saying some positive encouragements. She got up and started to run, we ran together.

As I was very close to the finish line, I legged it. It was quite like a marathon, I had never ran like that. I zoomed past 2 people. As I was about 5 metres away from the finish line, I opened up my throttle and whizzed. 2 metres away and I could hear the crowd cheering. Who were they cheering for Me or Ala? “They would never be cheering for me” I said. I heard carefully and I was wrong, they were cheering for me. As I crossed the finish line I felt happy. It felt really good.

I didn’t care that I came 5th, at least people cheered for me, a person that is always last. I was also happy that Ala had came 1st and I had came 5th. ‘THIS WAS GREAT”, 5th is a great position. I just hope in our next race, nothing so bad like people falling down happens again.


  1. Mubasshira - I am not teaching in my classroom this week as I am in Tauranga for a sporting event, in this event we are staying with another family with our school team. I was trying to explain to this family about showing them about blogging, and while I had them looking at my class page, I needed to show them an individual page to look at to explain about blogging. Great that you left a comment because I was able to show the person your blog and when I did they went "I understand" so thank you for teaching this person about blogging! I am going to try and convince them to leave you a comment, which will be the next teaching lesson!