Friday, May 6, 2011

What is Geometry to me?

Geometry is the study of angles, perimeter, area and volume. Recently room 20 has been learning about translation. This means when you move a shape or something without rotating, resizing, flipping or anything else. In fact it just means sliding without changing anything visually.

A few days ago we created a grid using Google Drawing. We then, made a shape and tessellated it. If you see in my previous post, I translated my shape 4x4 which means 4 down and 4 across.

According to me learning about geometry isn’t only using your knowledge about angles, perimeter, area and volume, I personally think it has also taught me a lot of new words which I didn’t even understand at first.

My class will be learning about geometry the following term/year. It is going to be an amazing term learning about this aspect of maths because I think it’s very exciting and thrilling to learn about this topic.

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