Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Bush

It was a bright sunny day, though the trees above them made it look dark, haunted and scary. The three 17 year old girls, Danielle, Jade and Lianna kept walking, paying no attention behind them. The previous day, Danielle had received a letter that said to go out and look for another letter which was for the 3 best friends. It read ‘Here’s a map, go and get the other letter. You wouldn’t want the whole town to find out all your dirty secrets, would you?’

“Dani, Jade please come on lets go back” Lianna whispered. “This is so scary and I’m getting freaked out”. Dani and Jade payed no attention, whatsoever. They NEEDED to find this letter! The 2 girls couldn’t go back NOW, they were already half way through. Lianna on the other hand was against this whole idea from the start, she’d been one of those suspicious ones ever since a few girls from high school played a scary prank on her.

The 3 of them sat down for a break. They needed water and also needed to get a torch out, it had been starting to get darker and darker. As the girls sat on a rock in silence, Jade hears a ruffling sound. “Guys, shhh! Listen.” but by that time the ruffling had stopped. It’s nothing, probably you’re just hearing things, Danielle had said though Jade couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Not long after, they started to walk again. They only needed to walk a bit before Danielle had spotted the x. All the girls ran to it and saw there was a letter placed under a small stone. “Why don’t we read it after we get home, cause it’s becoming dark and we really should start heading home” Dani explained.  Jade and Lianna agreed.

As they were walking back, Dani hears footsteps and they didn’t seem like Jade and Lianna’s. “I think someone is following us, you think?”
“Yes, I told you! Come on lets run!” Jade says trying to whisper but was a epic fail.
They started to run, getting faster and faster as they ran. The girls out of breath stop to see what was behind them though there was nothing. “I swear, there was something or someone behind us” Dani shrieked, still trying to catch her breath.
“Guys look there’s that arch that was there when we came. It’s the way out. Come on” Lianna, managing to say that all too quickly, though the girls knew what she was saying, by her hand gestures.

As soon as Dani, Jade and Lianna got out of that forest. They get to Dani’s house and race up to Dani’s bedroom. Quickly, Jade got Dani’s backpack that they had placed the letter in and took it out in a swift motion. Jade read “Got yah! Danielle, Jade and Lianna, don’t fear, your secrets are safe with me, maybe?”

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