Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Made My Mothers Day

Last Sunday it was a special day for my mother. It was Mothers day. My sister had a plan. No one knew about this plan except me and my 2nd oldest sister Faheema (Fa-hee-ma). My Oldest sister Naima (Na-ee-ma) said to Faheema go and tell your friend to buy you a bouquet (because my oldest sister was in London). Our plan was to get a bouquet and put it on the bed then Faheema will tell my brother the plan, my brother will go and get our mum and our aunt and give them a surprise. It was late and my mum and aunt saw the bouquet and they were really happy. It even had a not on it saying "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY mum and aunt" from Naima (Sister), Faheema (Sister), Moonisah (Sister), Mubasshira, Mohammed (brother), Saadiya (Cousin), Shahid (Cousin). My sister and I were laughing so much that our stomach was hurting. My mum said to us "Was this your plan to get a bouquet?" we said "Yes but Naima told us to get it".

The bouquet had glitter all over it, it looked beautiful. The amazing thing about the bouquet was that it looked like fake flowers but it was real flowers and we had to put it in a jar with water in it.

The flowers were gob smacking. I loved them. Next time we will make a superior plan.

The End

Thanks to (http://www.arenaflowers.com/files/Image/arenaflowers.com/bespoke/weddings/bouquets/bridal_bouquets/weddings-white-rose-yellow-freesia-bridal-bouquet-lg.jpg) for this image.


  1. Hello Mubasshira. What a wondeful idea you all had to surprise mum! It's so hard at times to surprise our mums as they seem to everywhere - doing this job and another. I have no doubt that your mum would have loved the surprise. It's neat that even your sister that lives in London was a part of the plan!

    Keep up the good work Mubasshira.

    Mrs Tele'a

  2. Hi Mubasshira
    That was a really nice thing to do for your mum but it is pretty cool that your sister from London was taking part in your plan but I hope your mum liked the flowers. Its also nice that some of your cousins were part of your plan.

    From Seini-Mino & Destiny

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  4. What a well executed plan your family had to make your mother and aunt feel special on Mother's Day. I'm sure they felt well loved to know the thought that went into this. I will have to come back next year to see what your superior plan is!
    I also enjoyed reading the mention of all your older sisters because I have taught every one of them in the past! I hope they are all doing well.
    Good work
    Mrs Burt

  5. Hey Mubasshiram

    I like your story about your Mothers days

    from jessica