Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Super 2 Weeks Holiday!!!

As I woke up and stretched my arms a crossed the room I saw the sun shining on my face I woke up and realized that it was my sister's birthday and we were going to get a Ipod Touch for her. So I rushed downstairs and saw everybody getting ready. I opened my lips to talk but as I opened it My dad said "Were all going to go to Harvey Norman because this man told us that a Ipod touch is on special and your sister wants it. So are you going to come?" I looked at my laptop bag and said "Nah I rather stay at home instead of coming but get me something I like". My mum said "Okay" and they left. Before my sister went out to the car I shouted out to her "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and she replied "Thank You".

So quickly I had a shower and got ready while I was doing my hair I stopped every few minutes each time I stopped I would do something at the Laptop the first time I took the laptop out and plugged the charger in. The second time I turned it on and put my password in. As soon as my hair was done I quickly checked my mail and started playing games that I had downloaded. Time was passing by and it had already turned to sunset. I love seeing the sunset sometimes if you look in the sky it is light pink and purple. So I put the Laptop on one side and ran outside looked up in the sky and put my hands up to feel the cold air on my sleeveless arms.

I realized a light shining on me and it was the headlights of the car . I raced towards the car and saw my sister happy. They had got the Ipod. I ran to see it but it was still packed. My sister ran inside and opened it up and put it on charge . I was the second one to play on it. It was awesome. The things I liked on it was the Internet. We could go on anything.

After It was charged my sister put some songs on to it and then went to sleep. But I slept later than her. When I came upstairs I just heard the songs my sister had put on and went to sleep while I was hearing it. I really liked the Ipod Touch. The Next day I complained to my mum and said "I want a Ipod too".

The End


  1. Mubasshira - such an evocative and interesting piece of writing, really wonderful. You've been very descriptive with your writing and that's great its a piece of writing that paints a vivid picture by the words that you use! Great piece of work and I am sure lots of people will love it! Also liked the blog post about Mrs Tele'a and her being such a wonderful person. She is quite good at what she does.
    Mr Webb, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

  2. Hi Mubasshira, I have been enjoying reading your blogpost while I am sitting at the airport in Bahrain. It sounds like you had a wonderful day with your sister on her birthday. I have enjoyed the way you have written about this, especially "...looked up in the sky and put my hands up to feel the cold air on my sleeveless arms".
    Well done.
    Mrs Burt