Friday, November 6, 2009


My name is Mubasshira and I am going to talk about what we have been doing for ROW ( Rock Our World ) 11. In ROW 11 We have been learning about Tolerance. Tolerance is a very big thing. It is something that can make people happy and sad. We tolerate things that have happened in our community.

As you can see I have drawn some things that we should not tolerate. Look at the notes that I have attached with my flickr page and see what could happen if you tolerate.

The First one on the left says Bad Language. I have used the symbol for bad language because that is one of the common things. Bad language can hurt other people and make them sad. That is why I have put a symbol for that.

Then the First one on the right. That is a sign for smoking. I have done Smoking because Smoking kills. it is a very bad thing if you smoke. If you smoke people can die. It can harm and can do all sorts of things to people and their bodies. So people out there stop smoking if you do, remmember it kills!!!

The second one on the left says Tagging! Tagging is one of the things that all bad people do and thats the reason thats brings me here to tell you a little bit about Tagging. You should not Tag because it could hurt people and make them sad. Thats why I am telling you to not tag. So people don't TAG.

And so on the last one that is the second one on the right it says Stop Tolerating. "STOP TOLERATING" and so I hope from my advices you have learnt a little bit about not tolerating. I hope these advices help you. Have a Happy Day.

Thank You for coming and having a look at things that I would not Tolerate.
Here is a link that will take you to my Flickr page and there will be extra information. ( Flickr Page )