Friday, June 25, 2010

P.E.S Tour

Have you visited Pt England School? Do you want to? Well today I am going to take you on a virtual tour! It might not be a REAL tour but I still can tell you, all the astonishing and hard working things that this school does.

Pt England School does this very unique thing called PENN (Pt England News Network).In this we tell the school what people have been up to and we also show them a few of how the classes work. Every day a class is timetabled to be on news, they have to work really hard to create a movie for this, and we watch it EVERYDAY!

Mrs Tele'a who edits this show everyday, has a small group of year year 7 students who produce this show. She also has a small camera crew who film this event. Then there is a larger group of people of year 5 and 6 students who are the news presenters. Here is a little video of how the news is created.

In Pt England school the classes all have blogs! Do you have one? All of our year 5/6 and 7 students have their own blog! They use their blog to tell the world what they have been up to. I am 1 of the students who love to blog (Writing is one of my favourite subjects).

I think I have told you enough of Pt England! If you really want to know more, why don't you come and visit our school. Our School loves visitors, we treat them with respect and honour.


  1. Great post Mubasshira! I can vouch for your pledge that we love visitors. You and your team do a fantastic job of hosting them. I hope this week goes well for you and the holidays come quickly now.
    Mrs Burt in Denver

  2. WOW! Mubasshira, I really liked your post about your PES tour. I also liked your you movie that you have put with it. Great Work. Also I loved the writing that you had out with it. It tells your audience what you are writing about and why we should visit Pt England School.If I weren't going to go Pt England school, then I would surely go to Pt England school because you have told us heaps of things about this school, our school. Great Work!!

    Yours truly , Ala

  3. To Ala,

    Thank for leaving me a comment. I really enjoyed reading it. I have left you a comment on your blog on the post called 'My Worst Nightmare'.It is really cool. I can't wait for part 2. Anyways please keep on looking at my blog daily and I sure will give you a feedback. Thanks once again.

    Yours Truly, Mubasshira