Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Emergency Part 1

As I woke up on the 26th September (which was the school holidays), suddenly my mind started to think about school. Just then my brain clicked. I realized that I had a book that was due back at the library on the 28th.

Now the bad part of this was that, this book was at a locked up school and on the 27th I was going to Totara Springs Camp for 5 days! How could I get it. Obviously, I didn't know what to do NOW!

As fast as I could, I ran to the study room and went on the computer. 'Click' this was the sound of my computer mouse clicking on the Internet. The website changed from Google to Hotmail. I quickly typed my username and password in. I was shocked at how many mails I had.

"350 mails, Oh my gosh!" that was a lot. I gasped. As quick as I could, my hand clicked on the 'New' button and my hands started to type so fast. I typed a email to Ms Garden to go to school and get my book and give the library book back. I made a few mistakes because I was writing in text language. I immediately corrected it and clicked on the sent button. "I hope I get a reply as soon as possible" I murmured.

Now if you want to know what happened than you'll have to read part 2 if this story, which is coming out soon.
By the way, what would you have done if you a had a problem like this? You can tell me what I should have done, by commenting on this post.