Thursday, November 4, 2010

Emergency Part 2

So after I sent that mail, I started packing my gear for camp. It took me about 2 hours. As I finished packing, I quickly went on my email then saw 2 emails. It was by Ms Garden. "Yaaaay" I shouted.

I quickly clicked to open the the mails and read it in my mind. The time the email was sent was when I was packing. So as fast as I could, I went onto my library account and was shocked (in a good way).

Ms Garden had returned the book. I was going to be so thankful to her. My body was jumping up and down in the study room. As I thought and thought of what I could do to thank my lovely teacher, I forgot I had to do the dishes.
Finally it was time to go to school. Time had passed so quickly and I thought of giving Ms Garden a prize, which was a chocolate. It was quite embarrassing when Ms Garden talked about the emergency on the carpet to the class.

P.S Thanks Ms Garden for saving the day, like a hero!!!

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