Tuesday, November 9, 2010


As I woke up this morning, suddenly I remembered that the Year 6’s had a Maths Exam. I was feeling terribly sick. I had no idea of what to do. “Mum, where is my breakfast?” my mouth shouted. My hands were shivering. As I closed my eyes, I thought of the the good things I could do from my exam e.g like proving myself. Next minute I heard something. What was it? “Oh no” I cried. I mistakenly broke the glass bowl that was in my hand. Briskly I picked everything up and got my bag and headed out the door.

I entered the school, and went directly to my class to get prepared for this terrible trauma.Only 5 minutes before the school bell went. I messed my whole chairbag, as I was going through and looking for my ruler and pencil. 2 MINUTES LEFT. As quick as I could, my hands grabbed
my ruler and pencil. I raced to the hall with a chair and waited outside, so I wouldn’t be late. ‘TTRRIINNGG” the bell rang. My palms were getting all sweaty and my hands were so not in the mood to work.

Mr Jacobson opened up the hall doors and, I was the second one in , quickly I went to the front line and sat down with my papers. I felt calm but nervous, what kind of feeling is that. Now I was so in the mood for this test. My mind went into working zone and I was feeling soo happy. One by one I aced all the questions. They were pretty easy. I was on the last page of the question book. I was just so excited for the marks now.

My body was feeling relieved and delighted. “YAY”. I knew I could shown what I could do. I thought I couldn't have done this. Fortunately I did. Then everybody in the hall was told to leave. When I got out with my friends, we all started to talk about how we did in the exam. I knew I would have been able to go through this little pain.

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