Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Camp Bentzon Movie Part 1

As you might know that on week 6 all the year 6's went Kawau Island. I have put together a movie here and it is part 1 of 3 parts. This movie shows you things that we did on the first day of camp, when we got there. GUESS WHAT?? I have a surprise for you in this movie!

I really enjoyed making this movie because it was a quick task for me and I only had about 4 hours. I hope you like my movie.


  1. Hey Mubba,

    What a great movie also a great memorable one! Can't WAIT to go back there in year 8! We had SUCH a blast it almost makes me want to cry. I liked the clip when Toreka jumped of the raft and then you w rewinding it! That was very funny! Even though the year 6 students climbed up steep hills, jumped of the warf and experienced what it was like, it was an AWSOME way to finish this years camp! I hope that we have more fun when we go there and we will be able to remember the same footsteps that we had first ever took on that island!

    Well done and I hope that you will also have fun and at least jump of the raft or someting. Anyways well done and keep up the GREAT work!

    Yours truly, Ala