Thursday, April 21, 2011

Having a Happy End (Term 1)

As I woke up in the morning, I groaned knowingly that school had ended. Not that I was not happy but I felt both ways, happy since it was the Easter Holidays and sad because I won’t be making eye contact with my friends.

As soon as I got ready and had my breakfast, I headed towards my laptop. Suddenly my eyes drifted towards my bag, as if there was this strong force forcing me to see something. I went across to my bag and unzipped it. My eyes fell on a envelope which had my name written on it.

I remembered that Toreka had given me that envelope. I wondered what was in it. The previous day, I had seen Toreka on a computer in the ICT suite doing something and if Selena or I even went close to it she would have told us to get away. I ripped it open since I was so curious about it.

“YES” I shouted, I knew it was going to be the thing I expected it to be. I read the letter out and was so excited. You must be wondering what Toreka had given me. Well it was a very cool invite to her birthday plus, we were going to have a sleepover!

I showed the letter to my parents and not long after they gave me an answer. “Please be a yes , please be a yes!” I was repeating one thing over and over in my mind. “Okay” my ears were so eager to hear that one word.

So here I am, waiting to quickly flick a message to Toreka saying that I will be coming. I wonder what it will be like over there. This is soo exciting, after all I will be making eye contact with my friends and having a great time with them. Finally there will be a highlight for my holiday!