Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Creativity Task

This term Pt England School is learning about Bigger, Better, Faster Stronger. Team 5 (year 7 and 8) have 5 aspects of this topic which is Innovation, Discovery, Creativity, Practicality, Imagination. Each teacher was given a word and they had to do a task with all the classes in the block.

Miss Tito's class was the class that we went to 3rd. Her aspect of this topic was creativity. As we sat down, she told us the task and we had to finish it in one hour.

Our Task: Use your creativity and design your name. We could use images off google. The image you see above is the one that I have made.

As you see in the image, it is not my full name. It's my nickname. Unfortunately I couldn't do my whole name because it didn't fit on the screen of the Google Drawing.

I hope you liked my design.


  1. Yes I do like your design and I'm glad to see you got it posted. Which letter do you think is the most creative?
    I'm loving the variety on your blog Mubasshira.
    Mrs Nua

  2. Hi Mrs Nua,

    Thank You for commenting on my blog, I really appreciate it. According to me the most creative letter was the middle B. What was your favourtite letter out of my design?

    Yours Sincerely,