Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Inventor of The Telephone

A few days ago we were given a task by Mrs Nua. Our class had to pick a piece of paper and on that piece of paper would have been written an object/person that we had to research. My group consisted of two other people which was, Ala and Tamara. We had to think of how telephones were used back in the olden days and what people used to interact with others. I have learnt a lot and today I am going to be telling you what I have learnt from the research I did with ‘Telephone’.

Telephones are a of device that are very common nowadays but do you ever wonder how people tried to interact in the ancient times? There were many types of phones that were used in the olden days.

A type of device that people used to interact with was called the the tin can telephone, or 'lover's phone.' It has been known for centuries and it was connected to a taut string or wire, which transmitted sound by mechanical vibrations from one to the other along the wire. The classic example is the children's toy made by connecting the bottoms of two paper cups, metal cans, or plastic bottles with string.

In the late 1880s two inventors Elisha Gray and Alexandra Bell both corresponded to create ‘The Telephone’ transmitting speech electronically. The very first telephone call was in 1915! Looking at a couple of factors on who actually designed ‘The Telephone‘ was created by Antonio Meucci in 1857.

As my group delve deeper to find more information about Alexandra Graham Bell, we found out that he died because of pernicious anemia at age 75. I think that he was a very great person and he had made one of the most amazing inventions in the world.