Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day One of the Holidays and Back in School Uniform!

As my hands took hold of my mobile I scrolled down through all the messages and strangely I found a message from Mrs Tele'a. I read "Hi Mubasshira, can you meet me at school at 2:30, today in full school uniform, for a photo shoot for the NZ Herald". I quit out of my messages and was astonished by what time it was. I raced out of my bed, got changed into my school uniform and headed towards school.

Mrs Tele’a introduced me to the two men who were standing in the ICT room. “Hi my name is Simon Collins” and “My name is Dean”. As Dean started to talk to us, Toreka and I were given our positions to take. The article they were writing was mostly about how people leave college, work and university at certain ages.

After Dean had taken the photos he walked away and started to have a chat with Mrs Tele’a, while Simon sat beside Toreka and me. He started asking both of us questions and had a good look at our blogs. One of the things he did was to count how many countries our blog viewers come from. First of all he started by counting Toreka’s ones. She had around 80-90 countries. Simon started to count up my ones and at the end, our result was amazing. “104 countries represented on your blog!” Simon gasped.

“We had a great time talking to you” Simon said as we all walked towards the car park to see them off. After they had gone, Toreka decided to drop me off home. I had a great time that day, I was going to be in the NZ Herald! Now, that was an accomplishment for me.

If you would like to see the article that I was in, here is the link.
If you would want to know more about Simon Collins then here is the link.
I hope you enjoy reading the article.


  1. That sounds like a very interesting experience Mubasshira. What a shock to the system having to find your school uniform on the first day of the holidays. I wonder what happened to the photos Dean took as they didn't use them in the Herald article. Maybe we should email and ask for them so you and Toreka can put them on your blog.

    Enjoy the rest of the holidays. They will go too fast:)

    Mrs Burt
    New Caledonia