Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Whenever our classroom is taught by Ms Muliaumaseali’i, we do art. During this time I was appointed as the chief movie-maker. The movie appeared on the screen in the hall during our performance for Glee, I felt immensely proud. I have really enjoyed doing this movie and here, I am about to reveal more.

You must be wondering what Glee is? Dancing, singing, rapping, hip hop, etc would be the type of club I would explain this as. What is my role in this club? I operate the sound and anything involving technical devices. I also make movies for this club.

Making movies for glee is really an exciting job since I get given advice from a professional director. Videos which were made for Glee weren’t really easy because they always need the best soundtrack that fits the movie and everything has to be perfect e.g the images, videos, etc. The video’s that are put in this movie have to be a certain length. I also have to make sure that I didn’t misconstrue Ms M when she tells me to do things for the movie.

Glee is a very cool club which makes people confident. It enables us to show and share our talent to people around our school. Sometimes, if we are lucky enough, we get to perform in front of a concert to! I think that this club is an amazing place to dance, sing and it’s also very entertaining for our school. Glee is all about being confident since this ‘C’ word inspires a lot of people and it tells them to take themselves to another stage.

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