Monday, October 17, 2011

Mubasshira Gets Rugby Fever!

Well, you might not now, but Term 3 came to an end and all the students have been enjoying their holidays. This is just a small post to inform you what I really liked about this term.

The thing I liked best about this term is that our topic was about Rugby, in fact not just rugby but actually keeping your eye on the ball. What I thought this meant was to be helpful, not letting anybody in your team down, and trying your best.

One of the other things I really liked was that because of this topic, I have really started liking a few sports. Not exactly playing it but watching it, it has been really fun during the holidays. Before, I didn’t really like watching sports  e.g 10-15 minutes after watching a game I would start getting bored, but now, I enjoy it and I’m proud to say “I’m a All Black’s Fan”

During these holidays, I’ve had a lot of fun watching the RWC (Rugby World Cup), especially supporting the All Blacks.  Yesterday, the All Blacks played Australia which was in the semi-finals 2 and THEY WON!! I’m extremely happy that they have gone to the finals and I hope they win against France on Sunday, October 23.

Anyways, I thought this term was amazing and I hope this following term is better since the year 8’s will also be leaving to college. I hope this next term will be the best of this year.