Monday, November 28, 2011

Tennis ft A Grumpy Tutor

“Smack, Bang, Hit!” There were so many balls flying over and all around the courts. I just couldn’t help contemplating, that I could get hit by one. 3cm away from my face and all I could see was a ball zooming like a racing car.

“Oh my gosh” I ran away to the sideline of the netball courts. Room 20 was with a guy wearing some shorts and a t-shirt. Next to him was a whole lot of gear, tennis balls, racquets, bags and nets. This could only mean one thing. We were going to be learning how to play tennis for this term’s PE. By the way.... wait... What’s his name again? I had missed his name, but he looked at all of room 20 with this scary look on his face, so in my head I named him the ‘grumpy tutor’. He seemed to be in a grumpy mood today. Oh no... this sounded like some terrible things could of happened.

As he told us to each get hold of a tennis ball and racquet, all the girls went to one side of the court and all the boys to the other. First of all he taught us how to hold a racquet correctly.
“Put the racquet on the ground!” that man instructed us in a sturn tone. We did what we were told. He shaped his hands into the correct position and he told us, kids to do the same. We followed on.

About 10 minutes later, we had learnt how to hold the racquet and were on our way learning some basic hitting techniques. First was the forehand, which was a hit done from the side. It was as if you were just rocking your hands back and fro.

I learnt that pretty easily, now that we had a few of our techniques nailed. The grumpy man gave us a challenge. We weren’t at the stage of a challenge yet... I guess. We had to hit the ball as if it was a hot potato and then twist your racquet to the side and hit it back, with the edge of the racquet. Well to be honest, it was pretty hard and as I said, we weren’t up to a challenge yet, well actually, I wasn’t up to a challenge yet!

After we had finished all that he told us to get in partners, so I partnered up with Thora. He told us each to get on either side of the nets and get into 1’s and 2’s. I was number 1 so my job in this game was to just throw the ball at Thora and her job was to just hit it back with the racquet. It was pretty easy, since she was doing it right. When it came out that now Thora was the one that had to throw the ball at me and I had to hit it back, it started getting a little frustrating because  whenever I did, I’d mistakenly hit the ball in the wrong direction. I was just not getting it right.

Not so long after, the grumpy man blew the whistle, which meant time’s up. He told us to get hold of our racquets and tennis balls and put them in the pile where all the racquets were scuttered all over the ground and all the balls were neatly in a box.  I had an amazing time learning how to play tennis. Well, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would have been. I just hope that in our next session with the man would be better and this time he’ll not be so FIESTY!