Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What is a Comet?

At the beginning of last week, Ms Nua gave room 20 a task, which we had to complete in a group of 2. In this we were given a word or phrase associated with space / solar system, by Mrs Nua and had to create a small presentation and tell our audience what the word means. Sylvia and I were given the world 'comet'. What is a comet? Here is the presentation that Sylvia and I have created. We had to inform  our audience what a comet is. By the end of this presentation, I hope you know what this strange thing really is, which floats in the solar system. Hope you enjoy. 


  1. Hey Mubasshira,

    A great, informative presentation that i found very easy to read.

    maybe you could try to find out more about the Kuiper belt and the Oort cloud (what strange names) :)

    Have fun and keep writing :)

  2. Wow Mubasshira what a great story that you have.
    you have done a great job.
    KEEP IT UP!!!!