Friday, March 2, 2012

The Best of 8 Years!

As every class from Pt England school settled down in the hall, Mr Burt said a little speech, informing us where the toilets would be, and telling us the boundaries of where we could  play. You must be wondering what I was talking about?

It was Friday the 24th of February and Pt England School was just about ready to head off to the Pt England Beach for a wonderful picnic. Why? Well at the beginning of each year we have a school picnic, where we just have a wonderful time together. Playing games, sports, swimming, listening to music, having lunch together.... Yupp! That’s the type of picnic I was talking about.

Our class, room 20 stood up and peeled away and started walking to our destination.  Each class did the same and not so long after we were all on our way to the beach. It was only down the road.
“The grass is a bit wet so you could all just kneel down” Mr Burt spoke through the loud speaker. We knelt down in our class rows while he reminded us about safety, and a few other things.

Strolling down the foot path, my friends and I found a spot to sit. The grass was still a tad wet, though the sun was out. I looked around and saw Sylvia laying down on her school jacket. Crouching down I whipped through my bag and found my jacket as well, laid it out and sat down. Exhausted from all the walking!

Music started to blast out from the loud speakers. “OMG!!! Yaay, MUSIC!!” some random kid desperately shouted. The voice came from behind my back, I didn’t bother turning around to see who it was. “Seriously, was whoever that was, THAT desperate for music” whispering to Sylvia, who was sitting down next to me.

It was half time and we were really enjoying ourselves. The girls (Sylvia, Selena, Seini-Mino and Athena) had all had been playing kicks and passes with softballs and rugby balls. I just sat there watching them. Pretty funny at times when the softball hit someone's hand. “Owww” Athena shouted. I couldn’t control my laughter.

Many funny things happened during this picnic. All my friends were having fun. I had an amazing time. The sky was starting to turn dim, not so long after, rain was spitting. My cold, bare arms started to make me shiver. There was 1 hour left before school was finished so all of Pt England grabbed their bags and all their things to start the walk back down to school.

That had been one of the best picnics so far. Actually it was the best!! I’m glad because that was my last. If only colleges had picnics like Pt England did.

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  1. Hey Mubasshira,
    I really like the way you have put out your writing. It explains a lot about what you did. It sounds like you had a lot of laughing at Athena. Hey you are right. It would be so cool if college's had picnics. But no. I think that your writing was really good. You have a lot of clever vocab stuck in there. Keep trying your best.
    Yours Sincerely,