Friday, May 4, 2012

Daniella Hulmes

Daniella Hulme was a girl that loved painting, drawing and doing stuff associated with art. But there was something wrong. When she was young her parents didn’t support her choice of becoming an artist, they thought she wouldn’t make a good amount of money from it. She was a nurse for a few years of her life but when she got married she kept on talking about art. Her husband got sick of it so he brought her an easel, paint and art essentials. He ALSO enrolled her in an art class.

Her motivation was joy and happiness. Daniella wanted happiness to homes in the world so she loved working with bright, vibrant colours. The medium she used was oil and acrylic paint because she loved the texture, smell, feel and depth of the colour. And also you could work longer with the colours.  

Her inspiration was her husbands culture (Samoa) because she loved the islands. If you have a look at her paintings you’ll see the Pacific iconography.  

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