Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Starmap Reflection

Last term the extension group got given a project, where we had to choose a famous person and do something kind of like a biography, but in a way it was different. We also had to tell our viewers how the person you chose affected your life. We had to show this by making a movie, animation etc. Anything you would want to do.

The famous person I did was Justin Bieber. I did him because I'm a huge fan of him and I think he is also very inspirational. I don't know why people hate on him when he hasn't done anything to them, he has just followed his dreams.

I think I didn't do such a good job on my movie because I think I tried my best. I think I could have done it better if I had thought more about it and created it more creatively. I believe I rushed it in a way.

Justin Bieber is a very very inspirational singer, I think this because he never knew he was going to be this big one day. He use to be just a little kid that just sang with his guitar in the streets. He never knew that this ONE video that his mum uploaded on youtube was going to make him a HUGE singer. One other reason why I think he has a lot of courage to do singing as his career is because he never gave up even after all the hate he got from a lot of people after his first song 'One Time' and also after all the hate he got from his hit song 'Baby'.

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