Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Beach Calamity

Lucy lay there on the beach, relaxing. “What a lovely summer day” Out in the distance she could see the sea glimmering. The glare made her squint so she put her sunglasses on, protecting her eyes from the hot, bright light. She felt the need to quench her thirst but shrugged it off, she wanted to make the most of the last day of summer before school started.

Lucy had calmly lain there enjoying the scorching hot summer sun but was now starting to feel restless. Lucy couldn’t take it anymore. She needed a drink or some delicious coldness in her mouth. As energetically as she could, Lucy arose from where she lay and looked around to find something that sold ice lollies or a cold drink. Way out in the distance she saw a van selling ice cream and many others summer goodness.

Casually walking along the shore where the van stood she thought to herself “That’s a odd place to put a van”. Lucy stood in line so she could get herself her favourite cookies and cream ice cream. She glanced around until her eyes caught something. Eye’s bulged straight out of her eye as she saw what’ was happening. Lucy runs until she is out of breath. And there where she stood, was a little kid SINKING.... in the sand!

The little kid looked around the age of 5 years. He screamed and shouted but nobody even helped. What is wrong with these people, Lucy thought. “OMG, what’s happening?” she shrieked. “HELP! GET ME OUT! MUM! MUM!”

With all of her might, Lucy pulled the kid but unfortunately he didn’t budge. The sand though was very powerful against Lucy, though she tried. She tugged and tugged on the boy but he didn’t seem to budge at all. “1...2...3.... PULL!!” and she pulled with all her strength and out he came.

The kid bawled. Lucy asked what was wrong. In between sobs he managed to choke out that he wanted his parents. A lady with blonde locks rushed over... Lucy picked up the kid and together they went to look for his parents.

Soon, they found both the parents and sure enough, his parents were very pleased she helped. “Thank you soo much, we really appreciate what you did!” his mother shrieked. They thanked her once again and walked away. Lucy was glad she’d done some good on her last day of the summer by helping a innocent little kid. Feeling pleased, she decided that she need a reward, how about I celebrate with some food, she thought.

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