Friday, September 28, 2012

Cross Country

As soon as the gates opened up, Ms Squires signalled we could start running. Emilee and I, start jogging. As people rush past us on the sidewalk, we slow down not wanting to cause any accidents. We walk till the other year 7 & 8 finish hovering past us. As they emerge further in sight, Emilee and I start running again.

By the time we were coming back. Emilee and I were already breathless. Though we didn’t give up. We kept on running till we were half way to school. Taking long strides, thinking I’d get to the end was a really stupid thing.

Legs aching, arm’s throbbing, I carry on putting one foot in front of the other. I look up to see how much distance I had left. Surprisingly though I was so close to the gate. “You can do it. Keep on going! there’s only a little bit left” and with that chanting in my mind, I kept running and running to the finish line.  

“Finally!!” I exclaim. It was an amazing feeling to finish this. Head dropped, hands on knees I breath heavily trying to calm down. It’s always hard at the beginning but you eventually get it over and done with.

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