Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ankylosaurus Hyperstudio Stack


Ankylosaurus meant Fused Lizard. Ankylosaurus was a plant-eating dinosaur. It had to eat a hug amount of low lying plant material. It had 4 short legs. Ankylosaurus was a huge armoured dinosaur, measuring about 7.5 - 10.7 m long, 1.8 m wide and 1.2 m tall. It weighed roughly 3-4 tons. This dinosaur had a short neck and a wide skull with a tiny brain. This large dinosaur lived in the Cretaceous Period about 75-65 million years ago.


Ankylosaurus eats low-lying plants. The teeth are 2cm long and its small teeth are perfect for nipping leaves that are low-lying. Ankylosaurus had large throat bones and that show us that Ankylosaurus had a big tongue which probably pushed it`s food around inside it`s mouth before swallowing.


Ankylosaurus had plates of bony armour that were joined together over their bodies. Ankylosaurus had a long wide body. 2 row of spikes grew along its back and it had horns at the back of it`s head. It had a tail like a club, which they used to attack predators. The club was made from several plates of armour that locked together. Ankylosaurus was a Saurischian which means it was a lizard hipped dinosaur.


Ankylosaurus lived in the Cretaceous period that is 65-75 million years ago. Ankylosaurus lived in North America because fossils were found in the state of Montana, USA. They were also found in Alberta, Canada. This dinosaur was the last armoured dinosaur.

How did dinosaurs become extinct?

Ankylosaurus and all the other dinosaurs ( except birds ) perished in the Cretaceous Tertiary extinction , 65 million years ago. Some paleontologists believe that a huge meteorite had crashed into the coast of Mexico and some paleontologists believe that Hydrogen had spread around and for dinosaurs hydrogen was not good for them. So these were the 2 theory`s to how dinosaurs became extinct.


Ankylosaurus was an ankylosaur. Scientists believe it wasn`t very intelligent because their brain was small compared to its body weight. This means its intelligence was compared to some other dinosaurs.


Thankfully paleontologists are still learning about dinosaurs because they are still discovering more fossils.