Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Second Podcast is Out

Hi y name is Mubasshira and I am here to let you watch you my second podcast.  This podcast I have done with is with Sylvia, you might of heard a little bit about my second podcast but this is a full version as well as you can hear my second podcast. The name of this story is called "The Star of Bethlehem".  It is in a book called "The Book With No Name" If you check on the contents you will see the name of the story and that will be on page 73.  This book is also written by New Zealand authors.  Please comment on this if you like it. Thank you.  

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  1. Hi there, I was quite curious about the book after listening to your excellent podcast and I searched on Google and found out that it is published by a group of writers who live in Tauranga. There is even a story online about why they called it "The Book with no Name". I wonder of you have discovered the answer to that yet?
    Mrs Burt