Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pt England`s First Fairy Tale Topic

    We walked into the hall and I noticed all of the teachers were dressed up as fairy tale characters.  I saw a fairy godmother granting wishes, a grumpy Shrek, and all sorts of characters.  We were in the hall because it was the first day of term 3.  “Yay we were going to learn about fairy tales”.  

When Mr Burt came into the hall he was wearing clothes that a prince wears.  As he was walking down the hall he said “Have you seen my princess?” Just then in my head there was a “CLICK” and I knew what he was talking about.  He was talking about Cinderella!  I also knew it was Cinderella because in his right hand he was holding a glass slipper.  Mr Burt I mean the Prince was so sad about where his princess had gone.  Next he told all the team 1 teachers to come up on stage. 

The best teacher I liked from team 1 was Miss Wild because she was acting like Little Red Riding Hood.  Mr Burt then welcomed team 2.  I liked Miss Va’afusuaga best because she acted like Puss ‘n’ Boots and she actually spoke like Puss ‘n’ Boots. 

As Mr Burt introduced team 3 an exquisitely beautiful Cinderella, who was Miss Garden, walked on the stage with her flouncy, flowing train swishing from side to side.  There also were the 2 hideous and jealous stepsisters squabbling and disputing over the gumboot  and the broom stick which had a image of Brad Pitt on it.  Mr Burt said to Cinderella “ You are not my princess because there`s are a huge difference between a gumboot and a glass slipper!” Cinderella said “Oh” disappointingly and stepped off the stage. 

This is when team 4 came up.  There was a grumpy Shrek, a kind Fiona, a Pied Piper of Auckland and a magical and mysterious fairy godmother.  The best fairy tale character I liked was the fairy godmother because I really like magical things and also because they are so mysterious. 

Suddenly an Evil Queen strode angrily down the aisle.  The Evil Queen had a sinister stare and snapped condescendingly at anyone who talked to her.  "She's so vain!" I said in my mind.  In her bag she had a pig's heart, a mirror and an apple, a poisonous apple.  I knew the story of snow white and the seven dwarfs.  She chattered "If you know why I have these 3 things in my handbag come to my palace and record it in to my magical camera". 

Mr Burt then introduced what we were learning about and then we left.  I really liked how we are learning about fairy tales because it will be so much fun this term also because I think we will be doing plays of fairy tale stories.


  1. I love all the language you've used here to paint pictures in my mind of the immersion assembly. From the 'exquisitely beautiful Cinderella' to the queen that 'strode angrily down the aisle' fantastic Mubasshira!You are becoming a very good writer.

  2. Well done Mubasshira. Your recount about the Immersion Assembly was really detailed and made it an interesting piece of writing to read. I like the way you think about the things we have been learning in class and try to include them in your writing. It is great to see your writing continuing to improve. Well done
    Ms Squires

  3. Wow Mubasshira! -That's pretty cool writing. My favourite part? -'The Evil Queen had a sinister stare and snapped condescendingly at anyone who spoke to her.' -I really like that!
    I do hope you liked my costume and my performance. -I was very tired after that!
    Excellent work Mubasshira!

  4. You are a talented writer Mubasshira! Your descriptive language had me enthralled from the first paragraph to the last. I love the way you are crafting your sentences to include words that evoke mental images as I read.
    Bring on some more.....
    Mrs Burt

  5. Hi There Mubasshira, Thankyou for putting my acting persona in your story.
    You know what I really like were your descriptive sentences about Cinderella and her sisters - I really DID get a picture in my head of Cinderellas (Miss Gardens) flouncy, flowing dress while reading your story. You DO understand the power of carefully chosen words!! Thankyou for sharing Mubasshira!! Love from Miss Wild

  6. Hi Mubasshira
    That was lot of story and the fairy tale is really lots of words and one thing is really WONDFUL. and the story that you wringting on your bolg is really good.

  7. Hi Mubasshira,

    I love how you used a lot of literary techniques. I liked how you described the evil Witch as Vain. My favourite character was the evil Witch. By the way what was your favourite character? Well that is all I have time for. Bye

    Thank you for coming and for visiting my blog.

  8. Hi mubasshira

    I relly liked your story about assembly. keep up your greet work and work hard on your blog

    from Destiny