Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Hi my name is Mubasshira. I am going to tell you about a traditional think of Indians. Henna is a very cool thing. You apply it on special Festivals such as New years day or like on Christmas and all sorts of things. Here is a picture of my hands and my henna. This is how I sometimes do my henna. If you see very closely you might be even able to see my name. We put this on by Henna cone sometimes if you want to have darker colour you can just buy the powder and put water in it and leave it for a day. I just had got the cone it is much easier. If you are wondering where to get these you can find it in New Zealand or India. On my hands my sister just did some patterns and had looked out of books. If you do this it depends on how much we have put on. If you have a lot like me you have to at least leave it on for 3 hours. If you just did your name you will like to only put it on for a hour.
So have you learnt enough about Henna?
Thank you.
If you need any help just ask me.