Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Extension Teacher Mrs Tele'a

Hi My name is Mubasshira. I am going to talk about my graceful Extension teacher , Mrs Tele'a. Mrs Tele'a has a very kind heart at children that are good.  She teaches us things that are so amazing.  I am going to talk about her personality and what she does with us in spare time.  Our teacher Mrs Tele'a is a very crafty women sometimes.  The Extension group sometimes does cooking.  Last term Mrs Tele'a and the extension group made Pork Bone Soup. I didn't eat it because I did not feel like it but I really make a bit.  Mrs Tele'a also teaches us about computers. She is a second computer expert because the first computer expert is Mrs Burt and you will find out about Mrs Burt in my next few posts.  So Mrs Tele'a tell us how to use Hyperstudio, Pixelmator, Kid Pix Deluxe and all sorts of things.  The thing I love about Mrs Tele'a is that she is a very crafty teacher.  

So do you have a teacher that is so fun and crafty?  Please comment.  

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  1. Thank you Mubasshira. It makes me feel very special to find a blog post all about me! I don't think I'm an expert with computers but I certainly have fun using one. I am continually amazed with how you and other Pt England Students create very funky and creative digital learning objects using the computer. Keep up the good work Mubasshira. I hope you come along to school tomorrow to be part of our video conference for ROW. It starts at 9.30am - you can come down at 9am if you can.
    Mrs Tele'a