Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Second Best Friend Ala

Hi my name is Mubasshira and I am going to talk about my second best friend, Ala. She is 10 years old but I am older than her, her birthday is on July the 14th and my birthday is on May the 1st. She is a very helpful friend. Ala is a big and softhearted girl. She helps me in things I need help in. I like her very much because she is very cool. One of the things I like about Ala is that she is a very nice kind friend. She cares for me if I get hurt or if I am sad. Together we like to play Tag a lot. It is so fun she sometimes cheats but I don`t care, thats just how friends play. We are not best friends but I think she is my second best friend to me. I care for her when she is hurt or sad. When she smiles I smile because she is happy

So do you have a friend that is like Ala?

This Website will take you to Ala's Blog

Thank You Mubasshira

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