Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stripes are Cooking

Today one of our reading group were cooking. What were they Cooking?!!! They were cooking 2 scrumptious recipes called chocolate balls and chocolate cookies. They were so delicious. Here are 2 poems for the chocolate cookies and the chocolate balls that were so divine.

Chocolate Balls Poem:
So divine, so scrumptious so "Mmmmh". That was the best treat that the stripes had given me. Awesome. The chocolate balls had tasted like chocolate laming tons with coconut on top. As I handed the coconut balls to all the people, I waited patiently for my turn. The Chocolate balls tasted delicious. That was a great treat.

Chocolate Cookie Poem:
Delicious, delightful and lots of words to describe this one. Scrumptious and would be such a nice appetizer for a king and queen. If you saw that awesome treat your moth would get watery. It will titillate you to have it. Our ones were well prepared too. Delicious is the word you would say if you ate it.

So these are the poems. Did you like it? Thank you. Please comment on my post if you liked it.
Thank You

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